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April 10th, 2011
The other day, I did some of my first writing for this site in a really long, long time.

It was an intro to a series of my elementary school class photographs, grades kindergarten through sixth. WHY did I post those pix? Well, it's all explained in the preface. It's all pretty self-indulgent, but hey, if you're at all curious, follow this link.

Otherwise, we're back with another set of sketch cards: a couple of cover redos, a quartet featuring a new theme, and five random selections. Take a look, won'tcha?...
And here's your customary Ebay link!

Back soon!
April 7th, 2011
New Warriors!!

Old Warriors!!!

Ebay link!

Wah-HOOO, again!!!
April 4th, 2011
First off, big thanks to everyone associated with the New Jersey-based Wild Pig Comics--I had a wonderful time guesting at their comics convention yesterday! I had fun talking with the fans who attended, as well as with the other guests! Gracias, guys--hope to see you all again sometime soon!!

Now, as to what we have on display here today, we have color cards depicting three pulp icons, a pair of classic covers originally delineated by Kirby and Ditko, but we lead off with an illo featuring Spider-Man versus The Sinister 38!!

That's, right---EVERY single baddie the amazing one faced off against during the webslinger's initial Ditko-drawn era! The Chameleon! The Burglar! Meteor Man (..or was that The Looter?...)! Just a guy named Joe! JJJ commandeering the Spider-Slayer! The Living Brain! The Terrible Tinkerer! And even a few you've actually HEARD of!

(Click the image below for a closer look.)
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More soon!
March 31st, 2011
Time marches on this last day of March (yup, it'll soon be the night of March 31st--get a good night's sleep, Clark)--here's your last look at a group of freshly minted Hembeck cartoon cards!

And, as always, here's the Ebay link! Enjoy!
March 26th, 2011
Today we've got all sorts of stuff to share with you!

First off, over thirty members of the Justice League of America (click the image below to see it larger), including my first ever (and likely last ever) depictions of Vibe and Gypsy (I THINK I may've drawn Vixen and Steel somewhere along the line, but those two, nope...)!

Then, a few covers, including another delicious Lee Elias pre-Code Harvey Comics tableau, as well as one of my own personal favorites, GREEN LANTERN #20 (indulge me for posting a larger than life image, as well as the card sized pic), which I believe appealed to my subconscious cuz the color scheme reminded me of Christmas! Plus, I really dug The Flash.

Followed up by a few miscellaneous characters, including Wonder Woman in her brand new TV togs; a patriotic associate of Tomahawk, Miss Liberty; and Hawkman's erstwhile antagonist, Matter Master, who has a wonderfully goofy costume I truly relished drawing!

Grab a peek!
Here's your Ebay link, should any of the above entice you to log on to your own personal Paypal account!!

More soon!!
March 21st, 2011
Spring has sprung (and ironically, daughter Julie's so-called Spring Break just ended as the season's officially switched--go figure), so how about some more card illos?

And howabout--yup--an Ebay link?...
March 17th, 2011



(Click the image below to see a larger version, and here's your Ebay link! It ain't gonna lead you to a pot o' gold, true, but hey, we can't ALL have the luck of the Irish!)
March 14th, 2011
Two words:


( a few totally unconnected gaudily garbed gals...)
Here's your Ebay link!

Back soon!
March 7th, 2011
Got some more card illos to share with you today--including a bunch of baddies--but topping the list we've got what the kids today might call a "mash-up".

Say hello to Moegun The Grim, Larrdral The Dashing, and Curlstagg The Voluminous, aka

The Warriors Three Stooges!!

Nyuk nyuk nyuk...
Here's your Ebay link--as Moegun might say, "Pick two"! (Or MORE, as I might say!....)
March 7th, 2011
Got some more cards to show you, but first, here's an illo featuring 27 members of The Legion of Super-Heroes (29, if you count Triplicate Girl thrice)! Click the image to see it larger.

(Oh, and you may want to give my redo of DOOM PATROL 86 another look, as I've added a fully colored version, courtesy of the talented Brad Parnell--thanks you good sir!!)
Here's the Ebay link--I bid thee, BID!

Anon, gang!!
March 5th, 2011
After six issues headlining MY GREATEST ADVENTURE, the folks at DC Comics simply switched the book's title over to THE DOOM PATROL in early 1964, which explains how a number 86 can actually be considered a number 1 issue. Bob Brown provided the art, as he did for virtually all the team's covers, even though Bruno Premiani illustrated practically every interior story over the title's run. Hey, that's just how they did things back then.

Wanna see the original? Wanna get a closer look at my redo? Click the accompanying image and all shall be revealed!
March 3rd, 2011
Today we offer a quartet of cover redo cards, followed by a whole group of gaudily garbed gals!

Here's your Ebay link, should you be so inclined to make a bid (or three)!

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