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The Hembeck Files (Neil Polowin, proprietor)

Daily Destinations

News From ME: Mark Evanier
Heidi MacDonald's The Beat
Tom Spurgeon's The Comics Reporter
Quick Stop Entertainment
IGN Comics
Tony's Tips
Dial B For Blog
Pop Culture Safari
Comic Book Galaxy
Journalista! Pulse
Comic Book Resources
** ComicMix
Oddball Comics

Comics Resources, Old and New

Grand Comic Book Database
Toon Hub (links)
Link Machine Go
Silver Bullet Comics
Don Markstein's Toonopedi
Lambiek Comiclopedia
Comic Art & Graffix Gallery
Comicartville Library
Days of Comics Past
DC Comics Timeline
The Marvel Chronology Project
** The Comics Chronicles (circulation figures)
** The Graphic Novel Archive
** The Daily Cartoonist
Planet Cartoonist

Cartoon Retro
** American Comic Archive
4 Color Review
Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research
Cartoon Brew
Drawn! The Illustration Blog
Cartoon Modern (fifties animation)
Character Design Blog
Barnacle Press (classic comic strips)
Gold Comics( complete MLJ Golden Age stories)
Pure Excitement Comics (Golden Age Stories)
Golden Age Romance Comics Archives
Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators
International Catalogue of Super Heroes
DarkMark's Comic Indexing
Inducks:Disney Comics Database
Quarter Bin
** The Comic Book Bin
Comic Book Inking Survey
Comics Buyers Guide
Hogan's Alley
Mikel Midnight's Golden Age Directory
Howard Keltner's Golden Age Comic Book Index (via Roy Thomas' Alter Ego)
Sequential Tart
When Fangirls Attack
Women In Refrigerators
Mark's Very Large National Lampoon Site
Briefs On the Outside--The Law and Comics
Catskill Comics
Comic Related
The Comics Rack
The Authentic History Center
U.S.S. Catastrophe
Atlas Tales
** Marvel Masterworks Resource Page
The History of Archer St. John Comics

** The Charlton Comics Story
** Pioneering Cartoonists of Color
Secret Identity! The Greatest Stories Never Told
DCU MUSH Elseworlds Homepage
Xanadu! The Marvel Comics Adaptation
Air Pirates Funnies
CARtoons Magazine
Is This Tomorrow?
The Harveyville Fun Times
Last Of The Spinner Rack Junkies
Comix Without Words A-Z
Comic Strip
Read Yourself RAW
Tick Tock Toys
The Retro Kid
** Dial B For Burbank
** Pop Thought
Sandbox World
Magazine Art org.
Ken Gale's Nuff Said: Comics On the Radio
Mike Catron's Comics Video Clips
** The Comic Zone (internet radio)
Photographs of Cartoonists
** ASIFA Animation Archive
Scans Daily
Project Rooftop
** Mr Media (Bob Andelman interviews)
Comics Foundry
Comic Book Scoop: The Online Fanzine

Noteworthy Columnists

Mike Tiefenbacher in The Nostalgia Zine
Comics In Context by Peter Sanderson
In My Opinion by John Byrne
Lying In The Gutters by Rich Johnson
Permanent Damage by Steven Grant
Living In A Four-Color World by Tom Brevoort
TIME.Comix by Andrew Arnold
Bob Rozakis' Anything Goes Trivia
Captain Comics

Chris Allen Comments
Paul Gravett on Comics&Graphic Novels
Ken Plume's IGN FilmForce Weekend Shopping Guide
Down In Flames by Paty Cockrum
One Fan's Opinion by Erik Larsen

Commissioned Comic Art Galleries

Comic Art Community Gallery of Comic Art
Comic Art Museum
Dave's Dancing Girl Collection
Grendel Sketchbook
Legionnaires Gallery
Digital Medusa
Mike's Hulk Sketchagraph Gallery
Sandman Commission Gallery
Time Pieces
Star Wars 1
Star Wars 2
The Cliff Guy's Gallery
Silverfish Gallery
Steve Gettis Literary Comics Gallery
Laura's Aquaman Sketchbook
Bellefree Galleries
Soap In The
I Love Cartoons!
Joel Thingvall's Wonder Woman Gallery

** The Sketchagraph Corner

Comics Resources, The Silly

The Hostess Page
Super Hero Food
The Marvel Value Stamp Page
Mighty Marvelmania Museum
Super Ads From The Comics
Ads From 80's Comics
Super Powers Archives
Scott's Custom Super Powers Action Figures
Monster Blog! (Pre-Marvel Age Kirby)
The Comic Pit
Comic Book Gorillarama
Gone and Forgotten
The Unh! Project
Barber Comics
Beatles and Bizarros
David Oakes Gallery of LEGO Superheroes
Gallery of the Absurd
What What
The Golden Age: Uncensored
The Red Skull's Live journal
Professor Xavier's Blog
Hulk's Diary
Diary of Ralph Dibny, Deceased
Composite Superman's Blog
Beatles Comics
Godzilla's Marvel Universe Timeline
From Fanboys To Pros
Marvel Bullpen Bulletins
** Stupid Comics
What Were They Thinking?
The Merry Marvel Marching Society Song
Superman Is A Dick!
Superman Gift and Collectors Store
Conan O'Brien vs. Bear

Retro Cheescake

The Great American Pin-Up Girls
The Pin-Up Files
Sexy Superheroine Models
Babes In Space
The Pin-Up Cartoon Gallery

Covers, Covers, Covers!!

Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics
Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Gallery
Timely/Atlas Cover Gallery
Golden Age (Timely, National, Fawcett)
Golden Age Comics Cover Gallery
Quality Comics
MLJ Comics
Fox Comics
EC Science Fiction Comics
Crimeboss (Crime Comics of the 40s and 50s) Romance/Good Girl Art Comics Covers
Phantom Lady/Blue Beetle Covers
Atlas Monster Comics
Captain America Golden Age Covers
All-Star Comics and JSA Cover Gallery
Golden Age Batman/Detective/World's Finest
Adventure Comics Cover Gallery (DC)
Superboy Comics Cover Gallery
Wonder Woman Cover Gallery
Siver Age Flash Covers
Justice League of America 1-63
The Silver Lantern (many DC covers)
Legion of Super Heroes Covers
DC Archives Message Board/Recycled Images
Spider-Man Covers
Marvel Two-In-One #76
The Atlas-Seaboard Archives
Valiant Comics
Mr. X
Weird Comics(60s Charlton, Harvey, DC,etc.)
Silver Age Marvels--Netherlands style!
12 Dumbest Covers Ever!

Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day
Classics Illustrated
UFO/Flying Saucer Comics Cover Gallery
The Pulp Gallery
Weird Tales Covers
Lurid Paperback Cover of the Week
...By It's Cover
The Planet of Sardines
Norman Saunders (pulps, comics, mags)
Frank R. Paul Gallery (pulps)
British MAD
Sir Real's Underground Comix
Warren Comics Magazines
Eerie Publications(Myron Fass)
Famous Monsters of Filmland
Monster Magazines
Monster Magazines
Monster Cards of the 50s and 60s
Conde Nast Magazines
TV Guide
10 Years Ago In SPY
Retro Randy
Show And Tell Music
The Groovy Age of Horror


Alley Oop

Avengers Forever
** Bat-Blog
Many Faces Of Batman
History of the Batmobile
Bazooka Joe
Big Bang Gang
** Blackhawk
** Black Lightning
James Bond
Buck Rogers
Calvin and Hobbes
Challengers Of The Unknown
Dennis The Menace
Dick Tracy
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four Headquarters
Felix the Cat
** Gasoline Alley
The Hulk Library
Jimmy Olsen Story Archive
** John F. Kennedy comic book
Justice League of America
Katzenjammer Kids
** The Legion of Super-Heroes Omnicon
** Legion Abstract
** Legion Clubhouse
Little Lulu

Little Orphan Annie
Love and Rockets
The Marvel Family
Mary Perkins On Stage
Mickey Mouse (Floyd Goffredson)
Nancy and Sluggo
The AAUGH Blog (Peanuts)
The Phantom
Jonny Quest
Robin Hood (comic stories)
Sad Sack
The Shadow
** Smokey Stover
Spirit Database
Squirrel Girl
Superman WS (75 classic stories)
The Mighty Crusaders
The Wake (Sandman)
The Wonder Woman Shrine


DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Archie Comics
Harvey Entertainment
Image Comics
Dark Horse Comics
Fantagraphics Books
The Comics Journal
Oni Press
Slave Labor Graphics
Drawn and Quarterly
Top Shelf
NBM Graphic Novels
Big Bang Comics
Claypool Comics
Desperado Publishing
AC Comics
TwoMorrows Publishing
Relative Comics
Comic Art Magazine
Sonic Publishing
Aardwolf Publishing
Diamond Distributors
Cracked Magazine
Previews Magazine
** TokyoPop

Worthy Organizations

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
** The Hero Initiative
The Xeric Foundation
National Cartoonist's Society
NYC Comic Book Museum
Friends of Lulu
Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
Association of SF and Fantasy Artists
The Society Of Illustrators

Comics on Screen, Both Big and Small

Batman ( Adam West TV show)
Batman Begins (Official Movie site)
Batman Beyond
Batman the Animated Series
Fantastic Four (Official Movie site)
Flash Gordon (vintage serials)
The Incredible Hulk (TV show)
Sin City (Official Movie site)
Smallville (Krypton Knight)
Spider-Man (Official Movie site)
Swamp Thing (TV show)
V For Vendetta (Official Movie site)
Wonder Woman (TV show)
X-Men Movies

Comics Bloggers, Mostly

** The Comic Blog Legion
Comic Weblog Updates
** The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

The Absorbascon
** A Moment Of...
** A Trout In The Milk
Scott Adams (
Chris Allen Online
Imelda Alty (Love Manga)
** Apropos of Something
Chris Arrant (Imaginary Blog)
Rob B (Rob's Blog o' Stuff)
** Bad Librarianship
Rodrigo Baeza (Comics Commentary)
Shane Bailey (Near Mint Heroes)
BeaucoupKevin (It's Got Disco Potential)
** Blake Bell (Resetting the Mainstream)
** Daniel Best (20th Century Danny Boy)
Beyond Belief
Steve Bissette (Myrant)
Stefan Blitz (Forces of Good)
** Blockade Boy
Bob (Four Realities)
Tom Bondurant (Comics Ate My Brain)
Bondwalker (Repent Sinners!!)
Bolt City
** Brain Freeze: Comic Love
** The Bricktosser
Ian Brill (Brill Building)
Chris Brown (Chris "Lefty" Brown's Corner)
** Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun!
Mark Burbey (The Observation Deck
Greg Burgas (Delenda Est Carthago)
Eric Burns (
Jeremy P. Bushnell (Raccoon Notes &Scavengings)
Bags and Boards
Christopher Butcher (

Joanna Draper Carlson (Comics Worth Reading)

Joanna Draper Carlson (Cognitive Dissonance))

Spencer Carnage (Of Course, Yeah!)
David Campbell (Dave's Long Box)
Evan Cantrell (Chipped Ham Productions)
David Carter (Yet Another Comics Blog)
Scott Cederland (View From The Cheap Seats)
Raphe Cheli (Thirty-two Pages Of Love)
Chromium (Nuff Said)
Tony Collett (Mah Two Cents)
Loren Collins (Stark Raving Sane)
Sean Collins (The Outbreak)
Sean Collins(Attentiondeficetdisorderly Too Flat)
** ComicByComic
The Comic Treadmill

The Comic Blog
The Comics Waiting Room
Comic Book Commentary
** The Comic Book Haters
** Comic Book Thoughts
** Comic Overload
Comics Impulse
Comics Should Be Good
** Confessions of an Unrepentant Comic Collector
** Jon Cormier (Hypnoray)
Captain Corey (Hero to the Hydocehalic)
The Counter-Culture
Crocodile Caucus
** I.N.J. Culbard (Strange Planet Stories)
Ed Cunard (The Low Road)
Ken Cuperus (Revoltin'Developments)
David Cutler (The Fortress Of Blogitude)
David Norman (Clandestine Critic)
Dav (Broken Glass Makes Me Laugh)
Augie De Blieck Jr (Various and Sundry).
Alexander Danner (The Blog Of...))
Brandy Danner (Library Ninja)
Stefan Damian (Agog Comic Blog)
Dark, But Shining
** Melchior del Darien (Mortlake OnThe Schuylkill)
Michael Denton (The Silent Accomplice)
Paul Dini
Nik Dirga (Spatula Forum)
Alan David Doane
Kochalkaholic! (Alan David Doane)
J. Donalson (The Pickytarian)
DougBot (The Giant Fighting Robot Report
Bill Doughty (Trusty Plinko Stick)

Max Douglas (Salgood Sam)
Dr. Sordid (The Word On The Street)
Warren Ellis (Die Puny Humans)
** Mark Engblom (Comic Coverage)
** Estoreal
**Exercise In Futility
Dave Ferraro (Comics-And-More)
Ferret Press/PANEL
David Fiore (Motime Like The Present)
John Firehammer (This Is Pop!)
FLOG the Fantagraphics Blog
The Flying Inn
Mike Flynn (Weird Tales Of The Untrue and Mostly Facetious)
Fochsenhirt (A Bluegrass Blog)
** Fortress of Fortitude
Tom Foss (The Fortress of Soliloquy)
Mark Fossen (Focused Totality)
** Four the First Time
Daniel Frank (Hooray For Captain Spaulding)
** Todd Franklin (Neato Coolville)
Neil Gaiman (Journal)
Chris Galdieri (Matter-Eater Blog)
Greg Gatlin (Raw Feed)
Gateway 73
Rick Gebhardt (Behind The Times Comic Review)
** Geek U.S.A.
Rick Geerling (Eat More People)
Milo George (Unofficial John Westmoreland Mem.)
Drew Geraci
Steve Gerber (Gerblog)
Laura Gjovaag (Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog)
Mike Gold (Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind)
Gordon (Blog THIS, Pal!)
Bob Greenberger (Notes From Final Frontiersman)
Mark Hale (Chaos Monkey's Abysmal Pit)
Phil Hall (Borderline)
** Howard Hallis
Franklin Harris (Franklin's Findings)
J.W. Hastings (The Forager)
Havy (Trade Whore)
Jim Henley (Unqualified Offerings)
Peter Hensel (Harmony In Discord)
**Lee Hester (Let's Level With Lee)
Hey Grown Ups-Comics
Brian Hibbs (Savage Critic)
** The House of L
The Howling Curmudgeons
** Laura Hudson (Myriad Issues)
Brian Hughes (Again With The Comics)
Joel Hunt (Sleep Is For Suckers)
Chris Hunter (Panoramically Challenged)
Michael Hutchison (Monitor Duty)
** Hurting (For Good) Comics
** Dick Hyacinth (Dick Hates Your Blog)
I Hate Comics
Stuart Immonen
Incoming Signals
In Sequence
Insult To Injury
Dave Intermittant (The Intermittant)
Dan Jacobson (A Blog Found On A Garbage Heap)
Jason (Comics Riot!)
Jog The Blog
** John Jakala (Sporadic Sequential)
John Jakala (Grotesque Anatomy)
Kirk Jarvinen
P'la Jarvinen (Comic Book Wife)
Harvey Jerkwater (Filing Cabinet Of The Damned)
Eliot Johnson (Train of Thought)
David Allen Jones (The Johnny Bacardi Show)

Rick Jones (Angry Ogre)
JK (Trash Heap)
Chris Karath (Blog)
Kirby Comics Blog
Jason Kimble (Trickle of Consciousness)
Komikero Comics Journal
James Kozak (The Comics Observer)
Steve Lafler (BoHo Self Employment)
Dave Lartigue (Dave Ex Machina)
Lady, That's My Skull
Layne (And Plus...)
John Layman (Bollah Fools Unite!)
Jim Lee,et al (Gelatomettista)
** Legion of Doom
Listen To Us, We're Right
Greg Lowell (Dead Chicks & Mayhem)
** Mike Lynch
Jack M (Otherworlds)
** Don MacPherson (Eye On Comics)
Mad Science
Sean Maher (The Zealot's Lore)
Make Comics Forever!!
** Casey Malone (Casey of Earth 2)
Joey Manley (Blog)
Richard Marcej (The Baboon Bellows)
Mick Martin (The Daily Burn)
Derek Martinez (Ramblings)
Marc Mason (The Comics Waiting Room)
** Matching Dragoons
Matt Maxwell (Highway 62)
Harry McCracken (Harry-Go-Round)
Jim McGrath (Jumbotron 6000)
Graeme McMillan (Fanboy Rampage)
Larry McQuaide (Four Color Meat and Fish)
James Meeley (The Comic Asylum)
Heidi Meeley (Comics Fairplay)
** Kevin Melrose (Comics, Covered)
Kevin Melrose (Thought Balloons)
Koala Mentala (Superblog!)
Mercury Studios

** The Metabunker
Mark Metz (Sumoforce)
Peter Milan (I Shoot With My Mind)
Mark Millar (Millarworld.TV:The Blog)
Eddie Mitchell (Eddie-torial Comments)
Fabio Mon and Gabriel Ba'
** Monitor Duty
Rags Morales (The Comics Cup)
** Chris Mosby (Tales From The Longbox)
Melvin P. Mouse (Random Generation)
J. Caleb Mozzocco (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
** Vincent J. Murphy (Spandex Justice)
Ryan Murray (Funnybook Musings)
Todd C. Murry (Comics TV Blah Blah)
Mystifying Oracle
Michael Netzer Online
Nobody Laughs At Mr. Fish
** No Sheep
M.J. Norton (Miraclo Miles)

** Occasional Superheroine
1 Right Opinion
Keith Olbermann (Bloggermann)
Marc-Oliver (POPP'D Gulity As Charged)
Tim O'Neil (The Hurting)
** One Diverse Comic Book Nation
** Opie Blue
Jason Ossman (The Next Amazing Hero)
John Ostrander (Off In The O-Zone)
Otto's Coffee Shop
** Patrick Owsley (Cartoon Art & More!)
** Steven Padnick (The Roar of Comics)
Pete (The Next Voice You Hear)
** Peter's Comic Book Ramblings
Tom Peyer (SuperFrankenstein)
Will Pfeifer (X-Ray Spex)
Steve Pheley (Gutterninja)
Photon Torpedoes
**Calvin Pitt (Reporting On Marvels and Legends)
Planet Kojo
Polite Dissent
Logan Polk (House Of The Ded)
** Poptique
James W. Powell (The Collector's Mentality)
** Pretty, Fizzy Paradise

Dave Puckett (Elmo's Junction)
Chris Puzak (Distorting The Medium)
Return To Comics
** Redhead Fangirl
Katie Rice (Funny Cute)
Rick (ComicBook Spinner Rack)
Elayne Riggs (Pen-Elayne On The Web)
Ringworld Rage@#$%
Joe Rice (Media Review)
Scott Robins (All Ages)
Jim Roeg (Double Articulation)
** Roscoe's Comics and Culture
Matt Rossi (Once I Noticed I Was On Fire...)
James Schee (Reading Along)
Scott Saavedra (Comic Book Heaven)
** Jason Sacks (Obsessed With Comics)
Devon Sanders (Seven Hells!)
** Sequentially Speaking: Comic Book Conversations
M.E.Russell (CulturePulp)
Gary Sassaman (Innocent Bystander)
Olsen Ross
Bill Sherman (Pop Culture Gadabout)

Noah Smith (Baggy Pants Bravado)
Noah Smith (Not Like A Fountain)
Don Simpson (The Less Said The Better)
** Chris Sims (Chris's Invincible Super-Blog)
Marc Singer (I Am NOT The Beastmaster)
Mike Sterling (Progressive Ruin)
Erin M.Schadt (The Comic Queen)
Larry Shell (Blah-Blah-Blog!)
** Shelly's Comic Book Shelf
The Shrew Review
Alex Segura, Jr.(The Great Curve)
Jon Silpayamanant (Mae Mai)
** Silver Age Comics Blog
** Silver Aged
** Snap Judgements
Snark Free Happy Joy Comic Blog
** So So Silver Age
Kean Soo
Justin Steiner (Shooflypie)
Adam Stephanides (Completely Futile)
Steve (Zipper's Collecting Obsession)
Jay Stephens (Monsterama)
Bob Stevenson (Journey Into History)
Mark Stinson (Comics I've Read)
Lee Stone (Republic Of Replicants)
The Stop Button
Cory Strode (Agent Of Change)
Suspension Of Disbelief
** Dom Sutton (London Loves Comics)
Chris Tamarri (Crisis/Boring Change)
** Dave Taylor (A Comic Book Creator)
** Technogreek
** They Came From Earth K
** Title Undetermined
Tim (Contest Of Champions)
Tom Collins(Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like)
Lang Thompson (The Funhouse Journal)
Steven Thompson (BookSteve's Library)
24 Hour Pixel People
Trusty Sidekicks
Jacob "H" Tucker (Hi-Jinks Ensues: Comics, Media, and Fun)
2 Guys Buying Comics
Dan Traeger (Pop Snark Hooligan!)
** Underneath the Mask
Ethan Van Sciver (Ethan's Watching You)
Brian K. Vaughan (Channel Surfing)
** Mark Verheiden (Famous Mark Verheidens of Filmland)
** View From The Cheap Seats
Rob Vollmar
Charles W (Afraid Of The Light)
Reed Waller (Hermit City Blog)
** The Watcher (Make Mine Marvel)
Rich Watson (Glyphs: The Language of the Black Comics Community)
David Welsh (Percocious Curmudgeon)
Andrew Wickliffe (The Stop Button v2.0)
Mike Wieringo's Sketch Blog
Steven Wintle and friends (The House of Irony)
Steven Wintle (Flat Earth!)
Dorian Wright (Postmodern Barney)

Brain Wood (Northern Boy)
Douglas Wolk (Lacunae)
** Douglas Wolk (52 Pick Up)
** Written World
Sophie Yanow (gumpop)
** Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge
** Yet Another Comics Blog
Charles Yoakum (Ink Destroyed My Brush)
Craig Yoe (Arf Lovers Blog)
Joe Zabel (3D Comics Blog)
The Zeta Beam
** Zilla and the Comic Junkies
Jay Zilber (Mind Over What Matters)

** The Zombie Mallet

Web Log Review
Where The Monster Go (Horror Blogroll Updates)

Other Blogs

Heather Armstrong (DOOCE
Bitter Cinema
Boing Boing
If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger...
** Need
Eric Simon (Amazin'Avenue) NY Mets
The Away Team (Noah Smith) Red Sox

Web Comix

The WebComic List

Comic Book Stories
When I Was King
StrongMan Press
June Comics
** The Rack
Year One:

Fan Fiction

Dark Mark's Domain

Super Fantasy Stories

Linked To Me From Around The World

Comicgate (Germany)
El Blog de Jotace (Spain)
Local Artists, Local Friends

Jane Bloodgood-Abrams
Anita and Spider Barbour
Larry Ray Brannock
Peter Clapper
Kevin Ferrara-Schnaper
Roger Green
Charlie Johnson's Karazee Karaoke
Travis Louie
Jeff Moran
Karen O'Neil

Comic Book People and Illustrators,
Official, Semi-official, and (just a few) Fan Sites

Jessica Abel
** Dan Abnett
Paul Abrams (comics art)
Paul Abrams (fine art)
Neal Adams
Brian Douglas Ahern
Gerry Alanguilan
Bill Alger

Quique Alcatena
Alan Aldridge
Doug Allen
Mike Allred
Bob Almond
** Bob Andleman
Chris Applehans
Rick Altergott
Ho Che Anderson
Sergio Aragones
**Peter Arno
Tex Avery (fan)
Dick Ayers
Mark Badger
Jamie Baker
Kyle Baker
Jim Balent
Peter Bagge
Tom Bagley
Matt Baker (fan)
Clive Barker
Carl Barks(fan)
Mike Baron
Donna Barr
Glenn Barr
Dell Barras
Lynda Barry
Saul Bass
Terry Beatty
Howard Bender
Brian Michael Bendis
Dave Berg
Tom Beland
Nick Bertozzi
Mark Beyer
Scott Bieser
Simone Bianchi
Al Bigley
Jerry Bingham
Simon Bisley
Jim Blanchard
Bret Blevins
Bloo Empire
Mark Bode
Vaughn Bode (fan)
Anton Bogaty
Craig Boldman
Brian Bolland
Frank Bolle
John Bolton
** Philip Bond
Wayne Boring
David Boswell
Doug Braithwaite
Berkeley Breathed
** Tom Breland
T. Casey Brennan
Dan Brereton
Norm Breyfogle
S. Britt
Vera Brosgel
M K Brown
Ed Brubaker
Frank Brunner
Frank Brunner (fan)
Ivan Brunetti
Rich Buckler
** Tom Bunk
John Buscema
Bob Burden
Dave Burke
Edgar Rice Burroughs
John Byrne
** John Caldwell
** Eddie Campbell
J. Chris Campbell
Frank Cammuso
Al Capp
Greg Capullo
Leslie Carbarga
Nick Cardy
Oscar Carreno
Joel Carroll
Enrico Casarosa
John Cassaday
Daryl Cagle
Paul Chadwick(fan)
Michael Chabron
Gary Chaloner
Bobbie Chase
Jason Cheeseman-Meyer
Clio Chiang
** Jack Chick
Joe Chiodo
Frank Cho
Jim Cliffe
Sam Cobean
Dave Cockrum
Scott Cohn
Tomm Coker
Gene Colan
Max Allan Collins
** Al Columbia
Amanda Conner
Paul Conrad
** Greg Cook
Dave Cooper
Kate Craig
Phil Craven
Mark Crilley
Percy Crosby (fan)
Robert Crumb (fan)
Howard Cruse
Peter David
Victor Davila
** Alan Davis
Guy Davis
Dave Daniels
** Dick DeBartolo
Mike DeCarlo
Mike Deodato
Gene Deitch
Jamie Delano
Ronnie del Carmen
Kim DeMulder
Arthur De Pins
Nick Derington
Peter de Seve
** Stephen DeStefano
Tony DeZuniga
Todd Dezago
Floro Dery
Pierre-Andre Dery
Ron Dias
Andy Diggle
Julie Dillon
Walt Disney
Steve Ditko (fan)
Steve Ditko(fan)2
Chuck Dixon
Terry Dodson
Colleen Doran
Evan Dorkin
Dave Dorman
Lela Dowling
Arnold Drake
** Debbie Dreschler
Mort Drucker
Barry Dutter
Matthew Dunn
Kieron Dwyer
Scott Edelman
Tommy Lee Edwards
** Will Eisner (Official Home Page)
Will Eisner
Will Elder
Warren Ellis
Harlan Ellison
Hunt Emerson
Pete Emslie
Steve Englehart
Joe Escott
Frank Espinosa
Mike Esposito
Ric Estrada
Mark Evanier
** Carlos Ezquerra
Rich Faber
Glenn Fabry
Jay Faerber
Myron Fass
Fastner and Larson
Matt Feazell
Al Feldstein
Jules Feiffer
** Bob Fingerman
Mary Fleener
Shary Flenniken
** Rudy Florese
Phil Foglio
Ron Fontes
Frank Forte
** Matt Fraction
Tracy Fran
David Frankland
** Andre Franquin
Frank Frazetta
Frank Kelly Freas
** Gaijin Studios
Neil Gaiman
Kerry Gammill
** Simon Gane
Rick Geary
** Jay Geldorf
Drew Geraci
Steve Gerber
Nat Gertler
Dan Gheno
Gary Gianni
Dave Gibbons (fan)
Keith Giffen
** Michael T. Gilbert
Scott Gilbert
Guy Gilchrist
** Peter Gillis
Dick Giordano
Jean Giraud/Moebius
** Stephanie Gladden
Sam Glanzman
Shane Glines
Don Glut
Rube Goldberg
Stan Goldberg
Holly Golightly
Larry Gonick
Louis Gonzales
Al Gordon
Paul Gould
Denis Goulet
Jerry Grandenetti
** Steven Grant
Doug Gray
Mick Gray
Devin Grayson
Mike Grell
Roberta Gregory
Bill Griffith
Matt Groening
** Peter Gross
Mark Gruenwald(fan)
Rodolphe Guenoden
** Pia Guerra
Paul Gulacy
James Gurney
Manuel Gutierrez
Gene Ha
David Hahn
Matt Haley
Bob Hall
Gary Ham
Larry Hama
** Jesse Hamm
Bo Hampton
Ed Hannigan
Marc Hansen
Tony Harris
Tom Hart
Al Hartley (fan)
R.C. Harvey
Thorsten Hasenkamm
Dean Haspiel
Ben Hatke
Doug Hazlewood
Danny Hellman
Marc Hempel
** Sam Henderson
Lea Hernandez
George Herriman (fan)
Hildebrandt Bros
Shane Hillman
Al Hirschfield
Rick Hoberg
Mike Hoffman
Greg Horn
Eddie Holly
Keith Holven
Neil Hoosan
** Cedic Hohnstadt
** Dylan Horrocks
Matt Howarth
James Hudnall
Armando Huerta
Adam Hughes
Dave Hunt
Don Hudson
Josh Hughes
Sam Hurt
Stuart Immonen
Tony Isabella
Geoff Isherwood
James Jean
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Pander Bros.
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John Pound
Eric Powell
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George Rarey
Bill Reinhold
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Katie Rice
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Eduardo Risso
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Robert Rodi
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** Jim Salicrup (MySpace)
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Scott Shaw!
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