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October 29th, 2010
Here's a few more new mini-cover redo cards for your consideration!

---and here's the Ebay link! Enjoy!
October 28th, 2010
It's Iron Man versus The Titanium Man on Gene Colan and Frank Giacoia's cover for 1967's TALES OF SUSPENSE 93--Magneto is nowhere in sight! (Ancient Wings reference, Marvel AND McCartney fans!...)

Click the image to see the original as well as a larger version of my own take--and hey, say "hi" to The Crimson Dynamo when you see him, okay?...
October 25th, 2010
Here's my short and to the point con report concerning yesterday's show in Albany:

We had a WONDERFUL time! Thank you John--we look forward to the next show in April!

And now, some new cards--a whole LEGION of 'em, you might say!....
Here's the ebay link!!

More anon!!
October 22nd, 2010
Attention upstate New Yorkers!

I'll be attending the Albany Comics Con this Sunday, the 24th, along with a whole passel of other fine folks!

Here's more complete info.

Past shows have been tremendous fun, so if you're at all nearby and dig the comics, I strongly suggest you stop by!! See you there!!

If you CAN'T make it, well, we're still on the ebay, hawking our wares. Here's a quartet of cover redos, card size--see if you can guess WHICH one I'm posting in the spirit of Halloween.

And here's the ebay link...
October 17th, 2010
Turns out going up against The Man Without Fear on Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta's cover for 1964's DAREDEVIL #3 wasn't nearly as wise a move as The Owl originally thought. Fact is, it was strictly for the birds!!

Click the accompanying image to see the original as well as a larger peak at my redo.
October 16th, 2010
Well, I'm (mostly) recovered from our now annual Columbus Day jaunt to visit daughter Julie over her college's four day weekend. Niagara Falls, The Corning Glass Museum, a wine tasting tour--not to mention four different lodgings in as many nights (gotta make reservations earlier next year...) made for a quartet of fun if hectic days! But now Lynn and I are back home, in front of the computer and at the drawing board, which can mean only one thing--


Grab a gander, guys and gals!...
Ebay auctions can be found here!

More soon!
October 7th, 2010
More cards!!

All in color this time--take a gander!
Ebay auctions can be found here!!

See you soon!
October 6th, 2010
Gale Storm starred as "My Little Margie" from 1952 until 1955, but the Charlton Comics version ran from 1955 all the way until 1964, incongruously ending with the fifties sitcom icon making goo goo eyes over none other than The Beatles on the cover of the 54th--and last issue!

Check out Jon D'Agostino's original cover and a larger take of my version as well by clicking the accompanying image.

Imagine if "I Love Lucy" comics were still being published in '64? How'd you like to see The Rolling Stones being joined by a daffy redhead on stage at The Tropicana? Ai yi yi indeed!...
October 2nd, 2010
First up a quick TCM tip: back in 1981, in Danny Peary's fine book, "Cult Movies", I first read about an intriguing film called "Gun Crazy" (1949, aka "Deadlier Than The Male"). I finally managed to see it a few short months ago, and while it's clearly not "Citizen Kane", it actually exceeded my expectations. It's getting another TCM broadcast tonight at midnight, eastern time, so if you've any sort of affinity for noir crime films, you'd be well advised to tune in.

And now, more cards!

Charlton Action Heroes, Freedom Fighters, random Marvel stalwarts, and Ultra the Multi-Alien, among others!! Take a gander, guys and gals!
If you see something here that you like enough to want to actually fork over cash for, well, here's access to our current Ebay auctions!

See ya!!
October 1st, 2010
While we usually feature our Classic Cover Redos here on site, every so often we farm out a couple of pieces to Robert Goodin's worthy Covered web-page.

Today is such an instance.

Follow this link to see my version of Chic Stone's 1966 cover for ADVENTURES IN TO THE UNKNOWN 162 featuring the ghostly hero, Nemesis.

And then take a look around the rest of the site--lotsa good stuff to be found there!!

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