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November 30th, 2010
Ho ho ho--it's the Christmas season!! Which means it's time to BUY stuff--and here at, we've got PLENTY to sell ya!! Just take a look at the following (and don't forget to click of the Spidey/Sinister Six illo to get a larger look!!)...

(And hey, pardon the incessant hard sell around these parts of late. I suppose I could simply list these things on Ebay and let nature take its course, but I post 'em here mostly for a smidgen of personal posterity. Obviously, most of you AREN'T gonna purchase these things, but I've no objection to a little window shopping!! Would that I still had the time and inclination to bang out some full scale blogs, but in the meantime, hopefully this'll offer up some brief moments of entertainment...)

So, as I said, ho ho ho--on with the show!!
Here's the Ebay link!

More soon--that's just a warning!
November 26th, 2010
After a hectic day of shopping at the mall, what could be more relaxing than reading a Fred Hembeck interview? Well, plenty of things I'm betting, but hey, this is all I got...

You'll find it over at the Sketch Maven site--Mike Todasco emailed the questions and I emailed back the answers. It's not very long, but if you like that sort of thing, WHOOP!, there it is! Big thanks to Mike for his interest--and check out the rest of the site while you're in his virtual neighborhood, as there's lots of good stuff to be found in the vicinity!

(And speaking of stuffing!...)
November 25th, 2010
If you've just slipped away from the dinner table--as well as Uncle Phil, Aunt Martha, and the twins--sneaking a little quality time with your laptop, let me wish you a very happy holiday! And hey, rest assured, in another day or so, everyone will be back where they belong--and THAT'S something to be thankful for!! Bon appetit!...
November 22nd, 2010
More mini-cover redo cards!!

Here's your link, Ebayers!!
November 20th, 2010
With this week's card offerings, we mine the lower depths of the Ditko era for most every minor Spider-Man villain this side of the Terrible Tinkerer (maybe NEXT time, Tink...), including Professor Stromm (with a robot), The Looter (or was that "Meteor Man"?...), and yes, even just a guy named Joe.

But first, some non-Spidey covers, and also THIS (click to see larger, natch)--
Beat the crowds on Black Friday--here's yer Ebay link!!

Have an AMAZING holiday, everyone!
November 15th, 2010
So there I am, casually watching 1941's "The Saint In Palm Springs". George Sanders is playing the title character, Simon Templar. While on a cross-country train ride, our hero encounters a young woman. Introductions are made--she's Margaret Forbes. Then she smiles and says, "Don't laugh--Yaphank, New York."

The Saint wasn't the least bit taken aback, but I sure was--

My hometown!

The town where I spent my first 21 years! The town whose name, in all the movies and TV shows I've seen over the last several decades (and there have been PLENTY, trust me), I've NEVER once heard uttered, I suddenly heard uttered!

I was literally stunned!

I paused the DVR, ran and got Lynn, and dragged her in front of the tube for an instant replay.

"Oh, so they mentioned Yaphank? That's nice, Fred", smiled my wife, indulgently (hometown, Woodstock, New York--maybe you've heard of it?...).

Well, after maybe a half dozen run-throughs of that immortal line--"Don't laugh--Yaphank, New York"---I finally resumed watching the movie, though honestly, it took me a while to get my mind back into the story proper. As things played out, Yaphank was never mentioned again (go figure), and ultimately, our young lady was actually an imposter, a foreign agent who'd assumed the identity of the REAL Margaret Forbes. HER fate remains unresolved, but I can only speculate that a body might've once, long ago, turned up in a dark broom closet over at Jack and Vera's Motel!

(Local reference--hey, when ELSE am I gonna get the chance for some Yaphank humor?...)
November 13th, 2010
The fine folks over at The Hero Initiative are having another one of their charity auctions, this time around featuring custom, one of a kind, artwork drawn onto (no longer) blank covers of a special edition of ARCHIE #600.

I included as many Riverdale denizens as I could manage to fit on the wraparound cover--you can find (and hopefully bid) on my contribution here.

(Or you can check out a larger version permanently ensconced here on my website by following this link.)

If you can afford it, consider picking up one of the books--it's for a worthy cause. Hey, the way this economy is going, it won't be long before The Hero Initiative is buying me soup!!

"Vegetable noodle, please sir..."
November 12th, 2010
More cards?

Yup, more cards--including a couple of cover redos featuring a pair of comicdom's most celebrated costumed damsels--but first, back by popular demand (okay, okay--one guy at last month's Albany Con...), we bring you the latest in our series of illos showcasing (click the image for a look at a larger version)--
And here's the link to our current roster of Ebay auctions--let the bidding commence!!

See ya soon!
November 8th, 2010
Did YOU know it was "Fred Hembeck Day"?

I sure didn't--but a very talented cartoonist by the name of Anthony Vukojevich has declared it as such, both redrawing my wrap-around cover for the old FANTASTIC FOUR ROAST as well as some selected panels found both therein and in some of my vintage (i.e., ancient) "Dateline: @#$!" strips, for, respectively, the Covered and Repaneled blogs! Hilarious, brilliant stuff, Anthony--I'm particularly fond of Mr. Fantastic's reaction to Shanna the She-Devil, a gag I NEVER coulda gotten away with--thanks!

Here's your link to the FF ROAST redo.

Here's the FF ROAST panel.

A couple of Dateline: @#$! panels. And a DC Daily Planety gag. .

Truly flattering AND awesome Anthony--I'm blushing, virtually!

(Incidentally, when I gleefully informed wife Lynnn that today was "Fred Hembeck Day", she just sighed and replied, "Around here, isn't it always?...")
November 6th, 2010
Four more color classic cover redo cards to show and sell today--

(here's the Ebay link)

--shown at pretty much their actual size below, but I couldn't resist spotlighting (and blowing up) my reduced version of Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson's cover for 1962's GREEN LANTERN #10. Y'see, back when I was just a wee lad, this was one of a very few (like, maybe two) covers I carefully copied over on lined notebook paper and then colored using color pencils. The larger than usual figure of GL combined with the vivid red playing off the green (subconsciously bringing to mind Christmas? I'm betting...) made this a particular personal favorite.

And then I lent away the issue to a friend, never to see it again until it was reprinted in an Archive edition about a decade back. Rereading the stories, frankly, left little impact, but oh boy, do I ever still LOVE that cover!! No one's ever commissioned me to redo it, large size in black and white, but that's okay--without the crimson and emerald hues, it just wouldn't be half the fun!

(My OTHER junior redo? A purple dominated Sheldon Moldoff cover of DETECTIVE COMICS featuring The Zodiac Master. My nostalgia factor for THAT one? Not quite as high, trust me...)
November 1st, 2010
Hope you all had a nice Halloween!

Last year's October 31st, on a fairly mild Saturday night, we had about a dozen Trick or Treaters between the hours of 6 and 9, an all time low for us here. So naturally we bought less candy this year, and --yup--sampled from it generously early on. Then, last night, on a considerably cooler Sunday evening, had 45 costumed visitors come to our door by 7:48! Yipes! Panic! Suddenly we had only 16 treats left! But as quickly as they came, they simply vanished--no more kids the rest of the night. Hey, I guess you just never know.....

But now, I'll bet you DO know what time it is--

That's right!

Here's the Ebay auctions!

See ya soon!

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