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January 31st, 2010
A few day's back, I shared with you folks my version of AVENGERS 181 (scroll down, bunkies). Shortly thereafter, one of my Facebook friends--a swell fella by the name of Brad Parnell--took it upon himself to color in my B&W art and post it on my FB page as a bit of a birthday present!! Well, Brad did such an exemplary job, I wanted to make sure it got as much exposure as possible, so posting it here was an absolute no-brainer!! Thanks, Brad--it's VERY much appreciated!!

And while we're on the subject, I also very much appreciated every single birthday salutation I received yesterday over on Facebook--getting old and decrepit never seemed like so much FUN!! Thanks one and all!!

Special kudos to good buddy Roger Green for devoting his daily dose of ramblings to me, and for shared birthday buddy (albeit on one several years after my initial hatching), the talented cartoonist Robert Goodin, for devoting the latest entry over at his dazzling Covered blog to my version of YOUNGBLOOD #1!!

That's right: Hembeck does Liefeld! Go see for yourself if you don't believe it!! And look around while you're there--Mr. G has posted a wonderfully diverse selection of redos, well worth your time!! Gracias, Robert, gracias Roger!!

And hey, if you're STILL caught up in this bout of birthday madness and want to do me a solid, well, maybe you'd care to purchase one of our latest pieces of art? Take a look, and if any catch your fancy, don't worry--I'll tell you where to go!!...
The AVENGERS, 70's Era Line-up!!!
LEGION of SUPER-HEROES, 70's Style!!!
DR. STRANGE, Friends and Foes!!!
SPIDER-MAN, Family and Friends!!!
As always, you can access a larger look at each of the above by skimming your mouse across any of the images.

And as always, should you care to bid on any of them (except for the AVENGERS cover), here's a link that's your one-way ticket to our current array of Ebay auctions!!

More real soon--c'mon back, y'hear?
January 30th, 2010
Hey, it's my birthday again!


That is all.
January 29th, 2010
Roll Film!!

No, the above pic ISN'T wasn't taken at the casting call for the recent "Spirit" movie--it's from a fascinating 1929 crime flick called "Alibi".

My review of that film--as well as the (ahem) Steve Ditko-ish "The Fountainhead"--can be found over on a brand new page I'm launching on this site today called:

Hey, Did I Tell You About That MOVIE I Saw Recently?

I've been working on this one for awhile now--a full explanation is included in the introduction found up top--but the short of it is, there's a list of the just over 175 films I've seen in recent months that I never quite got around to commenting on found down below, and up above, the 71 most recent ones that I HAVE!!

Go! And pack a lunch--you'll probably be there awhile!!

(And thanks to She Blogged By Night, one of my new fave internet destinations, for the screen-capture above that I so cavalierly filched. Sorry, Stacia--won't happen again, but I just couldn't resist that amazing trove of Eisnerish lookalikes!!...)
January 28nd, 2010

The other day I had a brief exchange with a friend over on Facebook. He mentioned a Classic Cover Redo commission he had me do--SIX YEARS AGO!! And how in all that time, it's never turned up here on my site. He wasn't complaining, mind you--just noting a fact.

It got me to thinking...

I've got a LOT of cover redos I've never shared with you folks (unless, ahem, I was trying to unload 'em for some quick cash--heh...). The original plan hereabouts was to give the redrawn covers a section all their own, but I think you can see how a lot of our original plans have gone all to heck and back in the seven years has been in existence...


I've figured out a way to combine the original version, a small version, and a large version all on a single page, and I vow to post at least one a week for the foreseeable future. Here's your link to the one that inspired this new policy:

Avengers #181

And remember, this is a past commission--it's NOT for sale!!

If, however, it inspires you to look into ordering up a commission of your very own, well, I certainly wouldn't be adverse to THAT turn or events!...
January 22nd, 2010
Time to peddle some more brand-spanking new art!!
DAREDEVIL, Miller Style!!!
Classic X-MEN Cast!!!
To see 'em larger, have your mouse cruise across the above images, and--voila!! BIG!

And to bid on any that may catch your fancy, here's the link to our current roster of Ebay auctions!!

January 20th, 2010
A couple of items today...

Last fall, I was privileged to be a guest at Mid-Ohio Con. They're currently running a series of ebay auctions to help offset the costs of putting on their fine show, and you can access the entire list of bargain-priced goodies by going here (and the direct route to my FF illo is thisaway...). I'm sure you'll find something worthy if you take a look, so GO!!

Also, I recently completed a seven question inquiry for Scott Harris' Comic Vault blog, and if you're curious enough to wanna read even MORE about me, you can go here!! Thanks very much for your interest, Scott!
January 10th, 2010
A new year means time for some new drawings!!

Of some very small note, the FF illo below was the very last thing I drew way, way back in 2009, finishing it about two hours before Kathy Griffin dropped her annual F-bomb on Anderson Cooper; while the Spidey versus The Sinister Six was they very first piece cobbled together by yours truly in 2010, about mid-afternoon on the 1st. So, we not only have art here today, we have HISTORY!! Very narrowly defined, highly inconsequential history, true, but history nonetheless!

So...take a look!!
To see 'em larger, tweak yer mouse across any and all of the above images.

And to get in the running for a chance to purchase one or more of these pieces, head on over to our current Ebay auctions via this very link!!

Come back real soon, won'tcha?
January 8th, 2010
We have a bit of a curious tradition here at the blog--every January 8th we salute the above gents for their shared birthday.

Were Elvis still with us, (or maybe he still IS, as my pal Roger Green speculates) The King would've been 75 today.

And sadly, for the first time on a January 8th, we have to note that Soupy would've been 84, as we all witnessed the death of a Sales man last year.

David's still with us, but at 63, clearly, Bowie's no longer a Young American (or even a young Englishman).

Happy birthday, fellas!!
January 1st, 2010
Happy New Year all!!

And if it's the first day of 2010, that ALSO means it 's's 7th Anniversary!!!


And to celebrate, let's look at the first three new offerings of the decade, shall we (albeit all actually drawn way, way back in 2009)?...
To get a larger look, simply click your mouse on any or all of the above images.

To access our current Ebay auctions, simply follow this link.

(And a word to the wise--over the next few days, we'll be tossing a few lingering, unsold pieces, up onto the auction block at ridiculously low prices in an effort to thin our inventory of some sadly unloved artwork--keep your eyes peeled, bargain hunters!!)

More soon--see ya, gang!!

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