DECEMBER 31, 2003
Fred Sez, time now for the year end State of the Site Address (in other words--zzzzzzz...)

DECEMBER 31, 2003
Continuing our reorganization, we offer up "Words About Pictures", a selection of some of our past "Fred Sez" entries focusing on comics, with nine features to start with...

DECEMBER 29, 2003
We've moved "Best of Dateline: @#$%!" out of the "More" area and into its own section, including a brand new introductory essay, as well as posting the two very first strips!

DECEMBER 28, 2003

Fred Sez, on this day of days, True Believers, join me won't you, and take a moment to salute The Man...

DECEMBER 27, 2003

As part of a year end reorganization, we've take seven entries from our Fred Sez section and added them to the Life Story section. We've given them new titles and introductory blurbs mainly to save newcomers from having to wade through the archives.

DECEMBER 26, 2003
Fred Sez, here's a final visit from the ghost of Christmas past--the CBS television network's past...

DECEMBER 25, 2003
Fred Sez--well, pretty much what you'd EXPECT him to say on December 25th (and Julie too, unfortunately)...

DECEMBER 24, 2003
In honor of the immanent arrival of the jolly old man in the red suit, we're posting two homemade Christmas cards from years past over in the More section...

DECEMBER 23, 2003

Today's Classic Cover Redo in Cover Gallery 2 is a spirited seasonal treat!

DECEMBER 21, 2003
Fred Sez, as a holiday treat for everyone, I bring you the tale of an unheralded Wiseman, and the all-too-human child he bestowed his gifts upon (an example of which can be found in our second installment of "Stuff I Had Nothing To Do With" in the More section of our site).

DECEMBER 17, 2003

Fred Sez, I have mail troubles (and please note, spammers--I DIDN'T say "male" troubles!?!...)

DECEMBER 16, 2003

Fred Sez, if you follow these instructions you'll go Batty!!...

DECEMBER 14, 2003

Fred Sez, the odds were certainly with us at Jimmy Carter's gingerbread village. And we've posted three Batman themed strips--past, present and future--over at the Best of Dateline: @#$?! section.

DECEMBER 12, 2003
We take a special in-depth look at the launching of 1964's "New Look" Batman over in Cover Gallery 2 of the Classic Cover Redo section with our version of four DETECTIVE COMICS covers (327-330)--three of which are in color, and three of which are For Sale in black and white (though not the SAME three!!...)

DECEMBER 11, 2003

Fred Sez, to a new generation, The Great One, apparently ain't so great!...

DECEMBER 9, 2003

Fred Sez, time again to make goo-goo eyes at ol' Ebenezer!...

DECEMBER 8, 2003

Fred Sez, in my life there are people I will remember...some very specific people...

DECEMBER 7, 2003
Fred Sez, Pete and RePete were flying on Santa's sleigh--Pete fell off. Who was left? (and so on and so on and so on...)

DECEMBER 6, 2003
We've added two strips to the Best of Dateline: @#$?! section.

DECEMBER 5, 2003
Fred Sez, duck, you turkey! Don't be a chicken, or I'll goose you!

DECEMBER 3, 2003
Fred Sez, no talking, no singing, no happiness? No problem!...

DECEMBER 2, 2003
Fred Sez, Happy Birthday, Dad!--in absentia...

NOVEMBER 30, 2003

One new Classic Cover Redo with commentary in Cover Gallery 2, the first of a series examining big changes for the sixties Batman...

NOVEMBER 29, 2003
Fred Sez, isn't it a pity...

NOVEMBER 28, 2003
Fred Sez, strawberry jam may be tasty, but artistic jams are DEE-licious!!...

NOVEMBER 27, 2003

Fred Sez, for the holidays, we offer thanks--AND some leftover turkey in the MORE section!...

NOVEMBER 24, 2003

Fred Sez, he coulda been a renderer--and boy, was he ever!!...

NOVEMBER 23, 2003

Fred Sez, mystery solved! And it only took 40 years and one 2 hour TV show!...

NOVEMBER 22, 2003
Fred Sez, there were some GOOD things that happened 40 years ago today, y'know...

NOVEMBER 21, 2003

We've added two strips to the Best of Dateline: @#$?! section.

NOVEMBER 19, 2003
Fred Sez, "Let It Be...Naked" sounds like a fine idea to me, but Michael, it's best if YOU keep your pants on!!...

NOVEMBER 18, 2003
Fred Sez, time for a little bit of culture--AND tabloid thrills!!--party-goers!...

NOVEMBER 16, 2003
Three new Classic Cover Redos in Cover Gallery 2, all Ditko/Spider-man related, two of which are For Sale.

NOVEMBER 14, 2003

Fred Sez, here's a little story about Joe and Joey, both of whom you probably know of...

NOVEMBER 13, 2003
Fred Sez, men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and I swear, if I have to deal with this subject any more, I'm gonna stick my head up Uranus!?!...

NOVEMBER 12, 2003
Fred Sez--or rather, asks--what do you get when you incarcerate Ed Norton at a North Pole prison facility? Answer: why a chilly con Carney, of course!...

NOVEMBER 11, 2003

Fred Sez, here it is--the last word on the second planet from the Sun (or some such...)

NOVEMBER 9, 2003

We've added two strips to the Best of Dateline: @#$?! section.

NOVEMBER 8, 2003

Fred Sez, if I were German they'd call me Herr Plugs!...

NOVEMBER 7, 2003

Fred Sez, thanks to our conscientious readers, we have a semi-definitive follow-up to the mystery of DC's missing original African American superhero!...

NOVEMBER 5, 2003

Fred Sez, there's more than one way to "Skin" a FOX!...

NOVEMBER 4, 2003

Fred Sez, in 1960, JFK was da bomb--and that WASN'T a good thing...

NOVEMBER 3, 2003

Fred Sez--Tony, the COAL Tiger? That doesn't sound right, somehow...

NOVEMBER 2, 2003
Fred Sez, don't be scared--this is our last entry concerning Halloween for the year! Honest!...

OCTOBER 31, 2003

Fred Sez, the final day of October gives me one last chance to, as they say, "Get my freak on!"...

OCTOBER 30, 2003

Fred Sez, taking to the streets with a three year old on Halloween night--what could be more fun?...

OCTOBER 29, 2003

Fred Sez, ayyyyyy--those were some Halloween Happy Days, weren't they Mister C?...

OCTOBER 28, 2003
Over in the Tales of Hembeck section of the Life Story area, we're proud to treat you with the curiously titled "Slipping Into Superman's Shorts, or, the Wolf Who Came Out of the Closet: A Halloween Tale"--and that's no trick!!!

OCTOBER 27, 2003

Fred Sez, by George, they DIDN'T do it--and am I ever happy about the way things turned out!...

OCTOBER 26, 2003
Fred Sez, the trick to properly discuss my much beloved Little Lulu Halloween comics is to provide each and everyone of you with a treat!

OCTOBER 25, 2003

Two strips with a vaguely Halloween theme have been added to the Best of Dateline: @#$?! section over in the More area.

OCTOBER 24, 2003

Terror turns up in the most peculiar places, as we see in this Classic Cover Redo in Cover Gallery 2 of--can you believe it?--VENUS #17!...

OCTOBER 21, 2003

Continuing with our focus on horror, we feature a Classic Cover Redos in Cover Gallery 2 of--what else?--VAULT OF HORROR #30!

OCTOBER 19, 2003
To help celebrate the season, we're hoisting up some horror themed Classic Cover Redos in Cover Gallery 2, the first of which spotlights--an issue of JERRY LEWIS?!?...

OCTOBER 17, 2003

Fred Sez, here's a danse ma-crab...

OCTOBER 16, 2003

Fred Sez, who has the bigger ego, Kal-El or Micha-El?...

OCTOBER 15, 2003
Fred Sez, here's a short tribute to a fine, if underappreciated, cartoonist...

OCTOBER 13, 2003

Fred Sez, I wonder if the so-called Father of Our Country ever went on school field trips like THIS father?...

OCTOBER 10, 2003

Fred Sez, go on over and read our latest two page addition in our "Best of Dateline: @#$%!" section, and then come back Fred Sez to view the panel in question...

OCTOBER 6, 2003

Fred Sez, this one's about ME--and I DON'T mean Mark Evanier!...

OCTOBER 5, 2003

One new Classic Cover Redo in Cover Gallery 2 whose accompanying commentary is told in the form of a fanciful playlet concerning a very, very famous round of golf.

OCTOBER 4, 2003
Fred Sez, even after all this time, I'm still kinda Fonda Barbarella...

OCTOBER 3, 2003
We've added three strips to the Best of Dateline: @#$?! section over in the More area.

OCTOBER 2, 2003

Fred Sez, today's topic is a grave one (sorry, but that's all I've got)...

OCTOBER 1, 2003

Fred Sez, Stan and Soupy should be green with envy of...WHO??...

SEPTEMBER 30, 2003

Fred Sez, NO to "Yes, Dear"!...

SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

Fred Sez, here's a book focusing on several cartoonist's better halves--or, in some cases, bitter halves...

SEPTEMBER 28, 2003
Three new Classic Cover Redos in Cover Gallery 2, one of which is For Sale. ALL are a variation of the landmark FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1!?!...

SEPTEMBER 27, 2003
Fred Sez, we had a ticket to ride -- all the way to Connecticut!

SEPTEMBER 26, 2003
Fred Sez, you've all heard of Murphy's law, but THIS one's about Murphy's retirement!!...

SEPTEMBER 25, 2003
Fred Sez, the Bartlett may be a pear, but THIS Bartlet has no peer!!

SEPTEMBER 24, 2003

Fred Sez, talk, talk, talk--THAT's what I like! Or at least I used to...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2003
Fred Sez, Neal Adams' artwork is Jermaine to THIS conversation!?!...

SEPTEMBER 19, 2003
When Petey goes up against the villainy of Baron Strucker in the cover featured "Hydra and Go Seek" from UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN minus 1, you KNOW he has to be good!!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2003
Fred Sez, I'm here to report that everything is okay in the White House -- at least, the one on TV...


We've added three strips to the Best of Dateline: @#$?! section over in the More area.

Fred Sez, last night I took a trip down the Hudson River with the man who killed Captain Marvel!

Fred Sez, welcome to the leader of the United States of Neverland!

We've added six strips to our brand new Best of Dateline: @#$?! section over in the More area.

Fred Sez, there's a very good reason why it wasn't Lewis and Andrea Martin...

AUGUST 31, 2003
Fred Sez, party, party, party!...

AUGUST 29, 2003
Fred Sez, while John Travolta and the Bee Gees may've had Disco Fever back in the 70's, Fred's had Ditko Fever his entire life!?! Plus, over in More we finally inaugurate a Best of Dateline: @#$?! section!

AUGUST 25, 2003
Fred Sez, who SAYS 13 isn't a lucky number?

AUGUST 16, 2003
Fred Sez, when a blackout covers the region, there's only one thing to do--howl at the moon in your very best White Fang impression!! Woo WOO!!

AUGUST 12, 2003
Fred Sez, it may well've been a wonderful life for George Bailey, but for Stan Lee it's been simply Marvelous!!!...

AUGUST 11, 2003

Fred Sez, he met the King once--and the full story turns up alongside one of two new Classic Cover Redos also posted today, one of which is For Sale.

AUGUST 8, 2003

Fred Sez, the path to Math can be an EXCITING one, if you're a preteen girl!...

AUGUST 4, 2003

Fred Sez, after reading Infantino's autobiography, it's clearer than ever as to just why Carmine Electrifies!

AUGUST 2, 2003

Fred Sez -- or rather, Jim Sez -- thanks, here are some of MY memories!...

AUGUST 1, 2003
Fred Sez, sometimes playing Junior G-Man leads to surprising results!...

JULY 30, 2003
Fred Sez, tomorrow will be a true day of Hope on your cable movie channels! (schedule included)

JULY 28, 2003
Fred Sez, don't think of things as HOPEless, rather as HOPEfull...

JULY 27, 2003

Fred Sez, THAT'S Amore?!? Well, I suppose...

JULY 24, 2003
Fred Sez, beware! Here's more than you'll EVER want to know about my day to day activities!...

JULY 20, 2003

Fred Sez, read all about a great new collection of fine drawings, and afterwards, learn how to order the Terry Austin Art Book!

JULY 18, 2003
Little Freddy's fourth episode finds two good friends at odds over one swingin' comic book!

JULY 16, 2003

Fred Sez, today the talk is all about camp--and not once does the name Adam West appear!...

JULY 14, 2003

Fred Sez, when you start out with a quote from Jim Nabors, ANYTHING can happen!?!...

JULY 12, 2003
Fred Sez, here's one comic you DEFINITELY don't want to keep in the closet!?!...

JULY 11, 2003
3 new Classic Cover Redos, with commentary, but these aren't For Sale.

JULY 9, 2003
Fred Sez, here's what happens when Bruce Jones meets Bruce Banner...

JULY 7, 2003
Fred Sez, here's my very sincere, if singularly strange, salute to the late Barry White...

JULY 4, 2003
Fred Sez, time to blow out 227 candles, so take a deep breath everybody!...

JULY 3, 2003
Fred Sez, here's some words on an animated subject and his boss...

JUNE 30, 2003
Fred Sez, as far as I'm concerned, the baseball season is over--and apparently my cable company agrees with me...

JUNE 29, 2003
Fred Sez, sometimes the road to international pop stardom features a stop off at FOOM magazine--but not usually...

JUNE 25, 2003
Fred Sez, the summer's heating up, but things aren't quite as heated as I once got dealing with some pool poaching neighbors!

JUNE 23, 2003
Fred Sez, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, since I'm not sharing the picture with you, here's a thousand words...

JUNE 22, 2003
Fred Sez, here's an interesting site I discovered--and also a link over to our latest addtion to the More section!

JUNE 21, 2003
Fred Sez, after this, I won't have soccer to kick around any more...

JUNE 20, 2003
Fred Sez, it's time for watching the DETECTIVES, part 2!

JUNE 19, 2003
Fred Sez, the Yanks are coming--and I ain't even going to the dentist!?!

JUNE 15, 2003
Fred Sez, back in 1961 Batman sure was colossal--as were his problems!

JUNE 13, 2003
Fred Sez, it may be Friday the 13th, but I feel lucky because my questions have been answered!

JUNE 11, 2003
Fred Sez, finally, things are going swimmingly...

JUNE 10, 2003
Fred Sez, I have some questions -- maybe some of you long time Marvel fans out there have some answers?...

JUNE 9, 2003
Fred Sez, here's wishing birthday greetings to yet ANOTHER Bob!...

JUNE 8, 2003
2 new Classic Cover Redos (although truthfully one is actually a splash page), both For Sale, accompanied by commentaries discussing their somewhat retro rude nature.

JUNE 6, 2003
Fred Sez, sadly it's time to mark the passing of another member of the original Marvel Bullpen...

JUNE 5, 2003
Fred Sez, soccer to me!

JUNE 3, 2003
Fred Sez, forty years ago, Vincent Price wasn't the only creative individual associated with the Fly.

JUNE 1, 2003
Fred Sez, separating the Whedon from the chaff on TV won't be quite as easy anymore...

MAY 31, 2003
Fred Sez, there are mass quantities of sadness throughout New York's baseball community tonight...

MAY 30, 2003
Fred Sez, let me offer you my--please pardon the expression--post mortem on Bob Hope's centennial!

MAY 29, 2003

Fred Sez -- what else? -- Thanks for the memories, old fella!

MAY 25, 2003
Petey dares to encounter a future ally in "The Devil and Mrs. Parker"!!!

MAY 22, 2003
Fred Sez, if you've been missing me, this is why I've been missing...

MAY 16, 2003
Fred Sez, more Marvelous meanderings...

MAY 15, 2003
Fred Sez, don't pass THIS by!...

MAY 14, 2003
Fred Sez, don't knock the Roc!...

MAY 12, 2003
Fred Sez, while Ditko insists that his work speak for him, I'm kinda glad Romita ain't quite so shy!...

MAY 9, 2003
2 new Classic Cover Redos, with commentary, both of which are For Sale.

MAY 5, 2003
Fred Sez, here's a link to my past--7 pages of it!...

MAY 3, 2003
Fred Sez, it's Free Comic Book Day, and remember, you get what you pay for!

MAY 2, 2003
Fred Sez, it's good to be the King--at least for a day!

APRIL 30, 2003
Fred Sez, here's ANOTHER way I get my kicks!

APRIL 28, 2003
Fred Sez, here's a late-breaking debut, only 32 years after the fact!?!...

APRIL 25, 2003
Fred Sez--and wonders, "Will this gag be injurious? Well, no..."

APRIL 23, 2003
Fred Sez, the last spell is cast. and the cast's Hart is broken!...

APRIL 22, 2003
Fred Sez, we all know what curiosity did to the cat, but does anybody know the frisky feline's COLOR??..

APRIL 21, 2003
Fred Sez, it was 12 months ago today that we went to go see the band play!!!...

APRIL 20, 2003

2 new Classic Cover Redos, with commentary, 1 of which is For Sale.

APRIL 19, 2003
Fred Sez, watch what happens when a pair of Marvel stalwarts reflect on their colorful pasts!

APRIL 18, 2003
Fred Sez, there's Hope for the future--but the distant future?...

APRIL 17, 2003
Fred Sez, hey Mac, have you heard the latest Rumours?...

APRIL 12, 2003

Fred Sez, I have the germ of an idea--or at least the germ.

APRIL 11, 2003
9 new pages of KIDZ bringing the current total up to 68!

APRIL 8, 2003
Fred Sez, thanks to Joe and Hilarie for providing a MoCCA arena!

APRIL 7, 2003
Fred Sez, in this family, there's one to ink, and one to fix the kitchen sink...

APRIL 6, 2003
3 new Classic Cover Redos, all in color, 2 For Sale, accompanied by commentaries, including Fred's pick for Favorite Marvel Comic of all time--how can you NOT go look?!?...

APRIL 5, 2003
Fred Sez, mETs Cone home!

APRIL 4, 2003
Fred Sez, here's a nifty way to get in on the ground floor of a new Kosmos!

APRIL 2, 2003
Fred Sez, it's a comedy of terrors on Fox--and I'm not even talking about Geraldo!

APRIL 1, 2003

Fred Sez, play ball! (...but try to play a little bit BETTER, couldja please?...)

MARCH 29, 2003
Fred Sez, a close examination of Mark Evanier's "Mad Art" tome prompts the inauguration of the "More" section, with the back, front and middle story behind "Melvin, Agent of S.H.E.E.L.D.!"

MARCH 26, 2003
In this extra length 7 page episode, Petey learns that "With Babysitting Comes Great Responsibility"--and not much pay!

MARCH 25, 2003
Fred Sez, I remember Abraham, Martin -- and Vaughn??...

MARCH 24, 2003
Fred Sez, in the words of ancestor Flintstone, "...and the Oxcart goes to..."!

MARCH 23, 2003
Fred Sez, nice job, Einstein -- I mean, Julie!

MARCH 22, 2003
Fred Sez, Shangs for the memories!

MARCH 20, 2003
Fred Sez, props to Peter David.net, disses to Saddam Hussein.

MARCH 19, 2003
Fred Sez, absorbent and yellow and porous is he!

MARCH 18, 2003
Fred Sez, ich bin ein Rock'n'Roller--und Pepsi fiend!

MARCH 17, 2003
Fred Sez, he's corny, he's beefy, and he smells like cabbage?!?

MARCH 16, 2003
Three new Classic Cover Redos with commentaries, one For Sale.

MARCH 15, 2003
Fred Sez, there's been a lot of odd TV in recent years--and he's seen most of it!!

MARCH 14, 2003
Fred Sez, aisle be seeing you!

MARCH 12, 2003
Fred Sez, Jim Steranko's usually considered a pro's pro--but not in this case!

MARCH 11, 2003
Fred Sez, just a little but not too much.

MARCH 10, 2003
Petey and Flash weather the Odin sons wrath when they stay after school in "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge".

MARCH 9, 2003
5 new pages of KIDZ bringing the current total up to 59!

MARCH 3, 2003
Fred Sez, not all sledding is rough, y'know.

MARCH 2, 2003
Fred Sez, goodbye to the Captain, hello to the kid, and thanks to a Kirby!

MARCH 1, 2003
Four new Classic Cover Redos and commentaries, bringing the Gallery's grand total up to 30! (Oh, no color this time, but one is For Sale.)

FEBRUARY 27, 2003
Fred Sez, he needs your help and he reads your mail.

FEBRUARY 26, 2003
Fred Sez, he was MORT-ified to learn of the discovery of a long lost audio tape...

FEBRUARY 25, 2003
Fred Sez, it's no fun playing against a team where it's one strike and you're out!

FEBRUARY 24, 2003
Fred Sez, is this Howard's end?

FEBRUARY 23, 2003
When Petey is given the job of feting a foreign exchange student on the eve of returning to her native land, Flash Thompson tries his best to make it a "Testy Testimonial"!!

FEBRUARY 18, 2003
Three new Classic Cover Redos with commentaries, one in scintillating color, all For Sale.

FEBRUARY 16, 2003
Fred Sez, in case you haven't heard, there's a new Daredevil movie out...

FEBRUARY 14, 2003
Fred Sez, dizndat.

FEBRUARY 13, 2003
On a field trip to Empire University, Petey has an encounter that could mean Doom to us all in "Comical Reaction".

FEBRUARY 12, 2003
Fred Sez, back in 1963, the world saw rock ditties released by Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Darin -- and Bobby Hope?!?

FEBRUARY 11, 2003
Fred Sez, time to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame...

FEBRUARY 10, 2003
Fred Sez, while his opinion on the work found in BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE VOLUME 2 lurks in a gray area, the book's price tag definitely has him seeing red!

FEBRUARY 9, 2003
Four new Classic Cover Redos with commentary (including our first Switheroo), one of which is For Sale, and again we offer as a special treat one that has been beautifully colored by Lynn!

FEBRUARY 5, 2003
12 new pages of KIDZ bringing the current total up to 54!

FEBRUARY 4, 2003
Fred Sez, searching for just the right words can be a real tough job.

FEBRUARY 3, 2003
Fred Sez, just the facts on this Webb site, ma'am.

FEBRUARY 2, 2003
Four new Classic Cover Redos with commentary, three of which are For Sale, and as a special treat, one that has been beautifully colored by Lynn!

JANUARY 30, 2003
Fred Sez, with a month of Hembeck.com under our belts, we're launching the Tales of Hembeck (Life Story) portion of our site with a revealing essay entitled "The Secret Origin of Fred Hembeck", while coincidentally, Petey is saluting the fiftieth anniversary of Captain America in an episode we call "Rep on Ice".

JANUARY 28, 2003
Fred Sez, more of Four, and chill with Phil.

JANUARY 26, 2003
Three additional Classic Cover Redos (including commentary), two of which are For Sale.

JANUARY 24, 2003
Fred Sez, Waid and Wieringo's FANTASTIC FOUR is a book to live -- not die -- for!

JANUARY 23, 2003
Little Freddy's grandma buys him Classics Illustrated comics hoping to bring him culture, only to fill him with dread in Episode 3.

JANUARY 21, 2003
Fred Sez, here's the scoop on the Troop!

JANUARY 19, 2003
Who are the winners and who are the losers when Liz, Flash, and Petey compete for a prize? I'll never "Spill the Beans"!

JANUARY 18, 2003
Three additional Classic Cover Redos (including commentary), two of which are For Sale.

JANUARY 15, 2003
Fred Sez there's nothing quite like watching the hours pile up on Fox's "24".

JANUARY 14, 2003
Fred Sez goodbye to a Gibb.

JANUARY 12, 2003
Three new entries in the Classic Cover Redo Gallery, two of which are For Sale.

JANUARY 11, 2003
When Petey meets J. Jonah Jameson in "Slay Ride", things go downhill -- fast!

JANUARY 10, 2003
Here's another lucky 13 Links for you to explore!

JANUARY 9, 2003
Little Freddy, in Episode 2, is so taken by his discovery of Steve Ditko's artistry that he mounts a stage adaptation of a Lee-Ditko classic!

JANUARY 8, 2003
Fred Sez, a tip of the cap to a Catcher in the Hall, and a scratch of the head for a Brother on the tube.

JANUARY 7, 2003
Fred Sez, didja hear the one about Andy Williams and the Police?...

JANUARY 4, 2003
Fred Sez, what's all this I've been hearing about the RAWHIDE KID?...

JANUARY 3, 2003
Fourteen new Links with accompanying quick descriptions.

JANUARY 1, 2003
Everything's new, pal! We just launched. But try again soon.