As a start, here's just a few of my favorite other destinations on the net. We'll be adding more as we go along, eventually categorizing them, but for now you can try these on for size.

The Hembeck Files
Neil Polowin beautifully re-colors my old gag strips from DC's Daily Planet promo pages, and uses them as jumping off points for his own witty and incisive writing.

POV Online
Writer of many genres, Mark Evanier, is all over the pop culture map on his constantly entertaining, constantly updated site.
The PULSE section features the most comprehensive comic news I've yet to encounter on the Internet, presented both professionally and attractively.

Comic Book Resources
Besides all the news and an extensive section of comics-related links, this site features an indispensable daily dose of Scott Shaw!'s wacky "Oddball Comics" column.

TV Tattle
Several times a week, the Tattlers gather up the most interesting stories about the television business from a wide variety of online newspapers and then list and link 'em for your reading convenience.

Gene Colan's Virtual Studio
One of the most unique stylists in the history of comics, Gene Colan's website boasts a wealth of superb art, a high percentage of it previously unseen.

Macca Central
While I've yet to visit even a small percentage of Beatle's related sites available on the web, I'd have to recommend this Paul McCartney based site as a fine source for up to the minute news on all four of the Fabs.

Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index
If you find you don't have the time to re-read all those great comics of your misspent youth, the next best thing is looking at all those wonderful covers, and this is just the place to do it!

Tom Snyder's Colortini
When a big news story breaks, do you ever find yourself musing "hmm, I wonder what Tom Snyder thinks about THAT?" Then, like me, you can check out the former Tomorrow Show host's proclamations on his very own site.

Jim Starlin
This guy was offing Marvel characters years before anybody even considered asking me to destroy a universe. And you can keep a wary eye on what he's up to at this site. (And visit the Electric Prism site, too -- it's a company Jim started with Jeff Moran.)

TV Party
Adam West, in full BAT regalia, shilling for Milton Berle, scenes from a never rebroadcast Lucy-Desi Christmas episode, Carol Channing doing a cereal commercial from the set of Gomer Pyle USMC -- these are but a few of the rare clips exhumed at this site!! What's running now? Only one way to find out!

Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics
You say you want MORE covers? DC Comics covers? Then this is the place for you! While away a rainy day reviewing those long-forgotten SEA DEVILS masterpieces by Russ Heath! It'll keep you dry AND happy!

Newsday Mets
What do Ron Marz and Peter David have in common--I mean, besides co-authoring that Marvel-DC battle a few years back?Well, along with yours truly, they're about the only 2 people in the comics field who'll admit to being N.Y Mets fans!?!This is for them, and anybody else who wants to follow some top-notch sports reporting(and I sure hope Glavine helps...)

The Crockett Johnson Homepage
This splendid, wide-ranging page devoted to the brilliant cartoonist/illustrator behind "Barnaby" and "Harold and the Purple Crayon" will have you shouting "Cushlamochree" in no time flat!

This incredibly thorough site--you can even call up the Captain America page Mike did in the F.F.ROAST--contains a lot of step by step material for you potential doodlers out there, served up by a fellow who was pretty dang good when he started, and has only gotten better as the years go on!

The Sgt. Bilko Episode Guide
For my money, the funniest sitcom of all time--and if you're a comics fan, you should know that through this site there's a link to an entire 1960 issue of the DC Comics licensed Bilko title, drawn by the legendary Bob Oksner. Worth a look!

Tony's Tips
Surrounded by a wide variety of columnists and features at the World Famous Comics Network,it's all Isabella all the time when you arrive at the cyber home of America's Most Beloved Writer and Columnist!!

Dead or Alive
Ever find yourself curious about that TV favorite of your youth, the one who long ago fell off the hot-celebrity radar screen? Here's the place to check on, whereabouts(it's also where I go for my Bob Hope updates...)

Howard Cruse Central
Just reading Howard's famous Little Lulu parody in color would make a visit to this great site worthwhile, but aspiring cartoonists will find lots of valuable tips from a highly respected practitioner as well.

Okay so I'm a Beach Boy freak, too! What better place to keep abreast of the doins' of the genius behind the melodies than on this, Brian Wilson's official page? One of my Pet Sites...

International Jack Benny Fan Club
Saluting the nicest man in show business--who also happens to be my favorite comedian! It's also a useful portal to other Benny sites across the web, the number of which exceed even 39!...

Lurid Paperback Cover of the Week
While quite tame by today's standards, there was a time not so long ago when these kitschy images had the ability to shock. Take a nostalgic peek into the mores of the past at this site.

TV Dance Party
President Clinton, Pee Wee Herman,Brittany Spears--you'll find them and more of your favorite celebrities dancing in an animated fashion to some of today's biggest hits at this admittedly dopey site Still, I laugh every time I see the former prez cavorting to the strains of Madonna's " Like A Virgin"! Chances are, you will to...

Steve Gettis at Digital Medusa
Images from great literary works specially commissioned by artists such as Will Eisner, Jim Aparo, John Buscema, Jeffrey Jones, Gene Colan, and even a guy named Hembeck--checking it out will give you a sense of class!

An all-media encompassing site devoted to a truly hilarious cartoonist, worth a visit alone merely to view the 5 wickedly funny animated--and fictional--misadventures of Beach Boy Brian Wilson's pop, the star of " Murry Wilson: Rock and Roll Dad"! And watch for that Freddy Lennon cameo!...

Saturday Night
Any questions you might have about SNL and it's long rich history as TV's premier comedy review can probably be answered at this authoritative but unauthorized site. Plus, compose your own review of a current episode, and they'll post 'em here! Maybe if enough of us do that, the show'll stop running those Mango sketches!?!

Golden Age
Yes, folks, even more covers, but this time, besides focusing on just the big two--Marvel and DC-- you can also view gems from the archives of Fawcett, EC, Quality, and Nedor (yes, I said Nedor!!)

Art of Joe Chiodo
If you're looking for some of the freshest and tastiest cheesecake this side of New York's famous Carnegie Deli, allow me to direct you to the official site of my old buddy, the owner of one set of terrifically talented paintbrushes, Joe Chiodo!

Haunted Mansion
Sitting there behind your console, do you ever find yourself longing for the macabre thrills that can only be found in Disney's most ghoulish theme park attraction? Then click on over for a truly amazing simulation of all the sights and, yes, sounds of the Creepiest Place On Earth!

Who's site? No, but Pete'll talk about his old group from time to time! Why, you can even empty your wallet in quick order snatching up all the Who and Townsend solo recordings that are available only through this site and nowhere else! Hope I die before I go broke....

Quarter Bin
Home to a variety of essays dealing with various aspects of the comics field, I particularly have to recommend it for a concise, well thought out overview of the life and career of the often unfairly maligned Mort Weisinger--and this is speaking as one of the guiltiest of maligners!?!

TV Guide Online
No, I don't visit this site cuz I'm too cheap to fork over the cash for this week's edition, I visit there to enjoy the fifty years of cover images available for your browsing pleasure! (... anybody seeing a pattern beginning to develop here?...) You sure ain't gonna see Gomer Pyle on the cover of the current ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, but here?...Shazam!!

Harlan Ellison Webderland
The official cyberspot for the creator of Princess Jarella, the star-crossed sub-atomic love interest of Marvel Comics' Incredible Hulk.(..apparently, Mr.Ellison has written some OTHER things as well--take a look!)

Badge 714 the Dragnet Webb Site
This is the place to find out just the facts about the most storied cop program in entertainment history, as well as its poker-faced creator. Not checking it out would be just...dum de dum dum!! (....sorry...)

Bob Rozakis, the Answer Man
Back in the days when you could still buy comics for under a buck (if just barely), I shared space with Bob's informative column on the old DC Comics' Daily Planet page--and now, with but a click of the mouse, we'll be sharing (cyber) space again!

The Trainspotter's Guide to Elvis Costello
There's only one Elvis! And there's only one Costello! No, wait-- there's actually TWO of each--and this thoroughly documented site is totally devoted to him! ('ll have to look elsewhere for those OTHER fellas...)

Ditko Looked Up
One of comics' greatest artists--and my particular fave-- is the subject of Blake Bell's not-quite -official webpage, chock full of rare and unseen Ditko images (including several photos of the field's most camera-shy cartoonist!...)