I'd be reluctant to wager on just exactly how much interest this portion of Hembeck.com will generate, but for those of you who've braved the journey over to this dark little corner of the site, welcome!! Here we'll be offering anecdotes, stories, happenstances, and seemingly non-linear meanderings, all drawn from my not overly eventful life. Some will appear on an annotated--and hopefully amusing--timeline, still in preparation at this time. The meatier material will appear under the "Tales of Hembeck" umbrella. Each specially prepared essay will be listed below, and you have but to click on it's title to avail yourself of its entire contents. These little vignettes won't be in any sort of chronological order, just written pretty much how they happen to strike me. Yes, comic fans, there'll be behind the scenes scenarios, and yes, non-comics fans, there'll be a lot to potentially appeal to you as well. Wanna know how I DIDN'T get into comics? Stay tuned. Or how Lynn and Fred tried playing landlords, with not the best of results to show for it? Coming soon. Then there's the time I was visited by the ghost of Bela Lugosi--sorta. Click over occasionally. All those tales and more...eventually.

And someday...photos. Now, if that ain't enough to leave you with an unsettled feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, I don't know what is?...
The Tales:
NEW!!!! Albany Comics Con 2 2008 Recap
Join me for a day at the Albany NY Comic Con, October 26th, 2008 (posted November 8th--with photos!!)

NYCC 2008 Photo Recap
Join me for a day at the NY Comic Con, April 19th, 2008 (posted on April 20th--with photos!!)

Papercutz The Cake!
Jim Salicrup's 50th Birthday Party at MoCCA, June 2nd, 2007 (posted on June 10th--with photos!!)

Memories of my day at the NYC Indy Art Festival, with LOTS of photos! (posted here June 16, 2006)

"A Halloween To Forget"
A double whammy hit the Moss's and the Hembecks one dreadful October 31st back in the eighties..

"Tangled Up In Bob"
(originally posted here August 8, 2004)

Dylan, that is, as Fred and wife travel to see Lynn's old Woodstock neighbor in concert for the very first time...Make Mine MoCCA! Memories of my day ay the NYC Indy Art Festival, with LOTS of photos! (posted here June 16, 2006)

"Babe and the Break-Up"
(originally posted here April 8, 2004)

Historic feats on the baseball diamond eeriely coincide with hysterics-inducing moments in Fred's college days!..

NEW!"Fred's Family Fotos"
(originally posted April 1, 2004)

Take a peek--if you DARE!!..

NEW! "Meeting The Beatles! (Figuratively Speaking, of Course!)"
(originally posted February 7, 2004)

Travel back with Fred, WAY back, to a very important Sunday afternoon in the long-ago year of 1964 for a first hand account of--Jolsonmania?!?...

"The Secret Origin of Fred Hembeck"

(originally posted January 30, 2003)

No, I didn't come from another planet, folks--at least, I don't THINK so...

"Slipping Into Superman's Shorts: A Halloween Tale"
(originally posted October 28, 2003

A Halloween party, comics professionals, alcohol, untoward advances--prime ingredients for a warm holiday tale!!

Julie's Bumpy Arrival
(originally posted August 25, 2003/Fred Sez)

The birth of our daughter Julie back in late summer of 1990 proved to one heckuva exciting day--but not necessarily for all the right reasons...

Dr. Strangemouth--or, How I Learned To Eavesdrop And Fear The Bomb!
(originally posted November 4th, 2003/Fred Sez)

Accidentally overhearing some heated Cold War political discourse between my dad and an overly-exuberant co-worker weeks before the 1960 Presidential Election caused me to to root for Richard Nixon's victory as if my very life depended upon it--because, folks, I was totally convinced it WAS!?!...

Two Joes and a Little Lady
(originally posted November 14, 2003/Fred Sez)

Joe-wise, we're talking Staton and Buttafuoco, while the female in question would be toddler Julie. Their connection? Read on and find out...

A Big Surprise For The Birthday Girl--And A BIGGER Surprise For The Knucklehead Who Planned It!!
(originally posted July 14, 2003/Fred Sez)

That would be dear wife Lynn, and yours truly, respectively. My advice to any OTHER prospective parents out there--despite what you might think, dad, planning a surprise birthday shindig for your eight-month-along mate is probably never the brightest of ideas. But that didn't stop me...

Dad Hembeck's Close Encounter With The VCR
(originally posted December 2, 2003/Fred Sez)

For a man born in Germany a full century back, modern technology was always going to prove a challenge, as this revealing anecdote guest-starring the flickering black and white images of legendary funnymen Jack Benny and Groucho Marx all too plainly proves.

Woodstock, the Festival/Woodstock, the Wedding
(originally posted June 23, 2003/Fred Sez)

He photographed iconic album covers for Bob Dylan, the Band, and Van Morrison. He was the official shutterbug at the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969. So then, just HOW in the world did the renowned Eliot Landy wind up snapping pics at the 1979 Woodstock-based nuptials of Moss and Hembeck?...

The Night The Lights Went Out--And The Soup Was Left On The Stove, Cold
(originally posted August 16, 2003/Fred Sez)

This summer's East Coast blackout brought back vivid memories of the mid-sixties massive power failure--and how it threatened attendant concerns I had revolving around an inexplicable compulsion to never miss one of comedian Soupy Sales daily broadcasts!?!...