I believe this section's heading is fairly self-explanatory. However, if you find yourself yearning for the type of in-depth background material found elsewhere on this site -- known to some as mind-numbing ponderous detail -- you have but to scan downwards and you'll discover that each and every piece of miscellaneous material has its own creative minutia to impart. Hey, you were the one who SAID you wanted "more"!?!...
We're just trying to get this site off the ground, people, so at launch time, if you're still hungry for thrills, be advised we're saving "more" for later. But keep checking back, because we hope to soon feature in this section:
  • "A Date With History", an unpublished nine page time travel laff-fest.
  • From the files of the now forgotten Personality Comics, origins of such characters as Super Babe, Spider-Femme, and maybe even WolverBroad (though probably not Bat Babe) (and no, I didn't come up with those names!)
  • Comparison of Fred's pencils with the inks provided by a Filipino craftsman on the lone straight adventure job Fred ever did for Marvel.
  • The "nature art" (yes, you heard that right) of Mr. Hembeck.

Featured Items

  • Mock Covers (Dipping Into The Ol' Sketchbook)

    I thought you might derive a few chuckles from a series of 20 make-believe covers (more like splash pages, truthfully, as they don't have actual logos, pretend or otherwise, but...) that I came across in a 1997 shetchbook of mine. As always, the link'll take you to a fuller, more tedious explanation, and then blithely send you off to the illos in question, so--on your way!
  • I Remember Soupy
  • Sales, that is. For the full story behind this circa-1982 four-page tribute to the pie-prone comedian, please consult the January 8th, 2005 Fred Sez entry.
  • Gag Cartoons, or Cartoons to Gag On--YOU make the call!...

    From the pages of STARLOG PUBLICATIONS' COMICS SCENE magazine (1982) we proudly present several single panel gags dealing with that always hilarious topic, comic book collecting, as well as some by now standard background material.
  • "Melvin, Agent of S.H.E.E.L.D.!"

    Although Fred's once in a lifetime collaboration with the legendary John Severin for Marvel's WHAT THE--?! #2 (1988) was actually called "The Retirement of Knick Furey, Ex-Agent of S.H.E.E.L.D.", fond memories of MAD's Melvin hovers over the tale's backstory, Fred's detailed layouts, and John's magnificent published artwork! See for yourself!

  • The Flying Frog, The Disembodied Baby's Head, and Other Fond Collegiate Reminiscences

    Read the story behind Fred's unique tribute to MARVEL TALES, and then -- if you dare -- read the tribute itself!

  • Ghosts of Christmas Past (MY Past...)

    Like any self-respecting cartoonist, there came a time when I gamely attempted to create my very own special Christmas cards. And like most self-respecting cartoonists, I quickly tired of all the hassle! Ah, but while it lasted!...

    Here now, from the late eighties/early nineties are a pair of my double-sided Hembeckian Holiday greetings, offered with all due joyousness in my heart (AND with the cold hard cash saved on shelling out for stamps safely ensconced in my pocket!!...)

    There was, if memory serves, at the very least a third card--but hey, gotta hold SOMETHING back for next year, right?

    Happy ho ho ho, et al, and to al, a good night!
  • The Best Darn Anchorman In Cynosure
  • An eight page "Munden's Bar" entry from First Comics' GRIMJACK #29 (December, 1986), written and drawn by yours truly. For more background information, please refer to The Fred Hembeck Show, Episode Forty.

Stuff I Had Nothing To Do With
  • Brother Voodog

    Layouts for a 5 page anthropomorphic take on the immortal Brother Voodoo, cruely rejected by the folks at Marvel circa 1987.