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AUSTIN ART 60 Pages of Drawings by Terry Austin

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The cost of this really fine publication is $19.95

Please add $2.00 for postage and handling ($10.00 on all foreign orders)

Please send a check or money order (U.S. funds only) to

(UPDATE June 2008: Well, Terry's closed up his PO Box , so if you're interested in buying a copy, drop me an email at fred@hembeck.com, and I'll forward your request to Mr. Austin, and I'm sure you can work out the details!!)
Make 'em out to "Terry Austin", the man who'll cash your checks, read your mail, pack up your packages, and happily sign your copies in any manner you might possibly request! Just present him with your personal specifications, and he'll do his best to meet 'em! So, if you're looking for that perfect gift for your dear old Aunt Griselda, what says "love" better than an autographed Austin art collection, hmmm?...
So order now! We may not have operators standing by, but Terry IS hanging around his Post Office Box an awful lot lately, and frankly, it's beginning to creep out the employees there--and who knows WHAT that could lead to?!? So please, I implore you, ORDER NOW!!!

I thank you on behalf of myself and Mr. Austin.
...and below, via special permission given to me by myself, I reprint the July 20th entry from "Fred Sez" shedding just a little bit more light on this publication's background. Take it away, Fred...

Fred Sez, July 20, 2003

Terry Austin has many things.

The award-winning inker, renowned for his legendary tenures embellishing John Byrne's pencils on X-MEN and Marshall Rogers lead scratchings on a series of DETECTIVE COMICS issues that comprised a very influential Batman story arc--as well as numerous jobs expertly rendered in ink in the many years since--has enormous talent. Just look at the comics, folks.

Terry also has a diligent work ethic, an unheralded ability to pencil, an under-appreciated scripting sense, and a sincere affection for the entire comics medium. Plus, he's got tons of fun stuff, the likes of which all obsessed collectors are familiar with. Most importantly, Terry has a delightfully pleasant manner about him, which in turn accounts for all the devoted friends Mr. A has amassed over the years. Happily,I count myself amongst them.

What DOESN'T Terry have, you ask? Why, something you and I, by now, take entirely for granted. That's right--Terry Austin doesn't own a computer! And all indications are that he won't be purchasing one anytime soon, folks. Does that make Terry a bad person? Why no, of course it doesn't. What it DOES make Terry is a friend in need, and as a friend indeed, here I am!!

Y'see, the esteemed comics veteran has recently published his very own self the proud tome,"Austin Art 60 Pages of Drawings by Terry Austin"! Taking his lead from trails blazed by artistes the likes of Dave Stevens and William Stout, Terry is offering up a personally chosen selection of some of his best, his most unusual, and of course his most obscure pieces, illustrations that he has both pencilled and inked over the past several decades! Yes! There's comic book faves like the X-men, the Fantastic Four, the Metal Men, Cloak and Dagger, Batman and even the three lovely (?) ladies who hosted DC'S WITCHING HOUR title. You'll also find Atlas-era funny animals, show biz personalities, Star Wars characters, sci-fi and fantasy scenarios, personal fave Popeye, and yes, even several lovely ladies very much in danger of catching their deaths via the cold! Undraped they may be, but "Hustler" it ain't. Tasteful, ever tasteful. As are ALL the scribblings selected by Mr. A, I might add. It's a swell package, one I'd highly recommend to all you art lovers out there.

Where exactly do I come in? Well, unless you're fortunate enough to catch Terry sitting behind a table at your local comics convention, gleefully hawking his wares, you'd be plumb out of luck, because, as I said, the illustrious illustrator is computer bereft. So, being the swell fella that I am, I've generously offered to shrill for my long-time buddy here at the Hembeck.com site! I've even decided to permanently install a "Terry Austin Art Book" section herein! (At least, until we sell out!...) Click the highlighted words to find out all the ordering information necessary to garner yourself a copy. You'll find several other artistic examples posted there as well, so go, oh curious one! Get yourself a personally autographed copy of a really fine collection of fun and fantasy art!

And when you do send that order in, tell him Fred sent ya, okay? As I mentioned, Terry has a boatload of friends, and several others are going this route for him as well. He made a solemn promise to me that whoever sells the most copies for him gets--OBOY!--ice cream! So c'mon, people! MmmMMM! I can almost taste that Rocky Road now!!...