In this section, we present some of our bestest ramblings related to that kooky and crazy medium, comics, carefully culled from our frenetic "Fred Sez" weblog. We also plan to offer up material prepared especially for "Words About Pictures" in the not-too-far-future, so as always, faithful readers, stay ever alert!

...But How Did You Like Dallas OTHERWISE, Mrs. Kennedy?...
(posted here November 22nd, 2004)

The Mysterious Mr. Ditko (and the Not-So-Mysterious Mr. Lee...)
(posted here November 12, 2004

NEW! March 31st, 1961 (Oh, What A Night)
(posted here March 31, 2004)

Dennis the Menace, Al Wiseman, Fred Toole, and the Spirit of Christmas
(originally posted December 21, 2003/Fred Sez)

Halloween Hi-Jinx With John Stanley's Little Lulu
(originally posted October 26, 2003/Fred Sez)

Carmine Infantino's Amazing World--the Book
(originally posted August 4, 2003/Fred Sez)

Excelsior! Examining Stan Lee's Autobiography
(originally posted August 12, 2003/Fred Sez)

Delving Into Blake Bell's "I Have To Live With This Guy!"
(originally posted September 29, 2003/Fred Sez)

MAD About Mark Evanier's Art Book
(originally posted March 29/Fred Sez)

Chic Stone, Jack Kirby, and The Wild One: A Tale of 1964
(originally posted November 24,2003/Fred Sez)

A Few Words About Pete Morisi
(originally posted October 15, 2003/Fred Sez)

When the "Old Look" Detective Comics Were New To Me
(originally posted June 15, 2003 and June 20/Fred Sez)