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Comedy Links
The Legends

Jack Benny International Fan Club
Jack Benny
Bob Hope and American Variety
Charlie Chaplin. A Celebration

Buster Keaton
Harold Lloyd
Fatty Arbuckle and Other Silent Comics

Laurel and Hardy
Abbott and Costello
Abbott and Costello Fan Club

The Little Rascals
The Three Stooges
The Marx Brothers
Groucho Marx
W.C. Fields

Burns and Allen
Bob and Ray
Jerry Lewis
Mickey Rooney
Jackie Gleason
Lucille Ball

Late Night Hosts, Ensembles, and Teams

Steve Allen
Jack Paar
Dick Cavett
Johnny Carson

The Late Show with David Letterman
David Letterman
The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Jimmy Kimmel Live
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Howard Stern
Saturday Night Live
SCTV Guide
Upright Citizens Brigade

MAD tv
The Kids In The Hall

Mr. Show
Monty Python

Firesign Theatre
Cheech and Chong
Penn and Teller
Dr. Demento

Sitcoms (and a stray Dramedy or three...)

Addams Family
Andy Griffith Show
Barney Miller
Beverly Hillbillies
Car 54, Where Are You?
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dennis The Menace
Dick Van Dyke Show
Drew Carey
Fernwood 2-Nite
Flintstones and Hanna-Barbera
Freaks and Geeks
Get Smart

Gilmore Girls
Gilligan's Island

Gomer Pyle
Green Acres
Happy Days

I Dream Of Jeannie
I Love Lucy
I Married Joan
Larry Sanders Show
Leave It To
Leave It To Beaver
Lou Grant
Malcolm In The Middle
Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
Mary Tyler Moore
McHale's Navy
Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean Cartoon
Mr. Ed
Mork and Mindy
My Favorite Martian
Odd Couple
Petticoat Junction
Police Squad
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Sanford and Son
Seinfeld Blog

Seinfeld and Superman
Sgt. Bilko's Barracks
Sgt. Bilko
Simpsons Archive
Sledge Hammer!
South Park
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Club
Sports Night
Square Pegs
The Tick
Wonder Years
WKRP In Cincinnati

Comedy Resources

Sitcoms Online
Cyberspace Comedy Museum
The Onion
Comedy Central
TV Land
National Lampoon
** Inside Joke.TV

Stand Ups, Sitcom Stars, and Other Assorted Nuts

Don Adams
Woody Allen
Louie Anderson
Tom Arnold
Nick Bakay
Pete Barbutti
John Belushi
Shelley Berman
Sandra Bernhard
Lewis Black
Elayne Boosler
Victor Borge
David Brenner
Jim Breuer
Albert Brooks
Mel Brooks
Brother Theodore
Lenny Bruce
Lord Buckley
Louis C K
John Candy
George Carlin
Jim Carrey
Carrot Top
Dana Carvey
Sid Caesar
Dave Chapelle
Margaret Cho
Billy Connolly
Tim Conway
Professor Irwin Corey
Bill Cosby
Rodney Dangerfield
Ellen Degeneres
Dom Deluise
Bob Denver
Andy Dick
Chris Elliot
Jimmy Fallon
Chris Farley
Marty Feldman
Greg Fitzsimmons
Redd Foxx
Al Franken
The O'Franken Factor
Stan Freberg
Jim Gaffigan
Janeane Garofolo
Dana Gould
Dick Gregory
Kathy Griffin
Buddy Hackett
Valerie Harper
Dwayne Hickman
Bill Hicks
Benny Hill
Russell Johnson
Chris Kattan
Andy Kaufman
Andy Kaufman's Blog
Sam Kinison
Ernie Kovacs
Don Knotts
Martin Lawrence
Norman Lear
Denis Leary
Tom Lehrer
Richard Lewis
Paul Lynde
Norm MacDonald
Bill Maher
Howie Mandel
Marc Maron
Jerry Mathers
Jay Mohr
Rick Moranis
Tracy Morgan
Martin Mull
Jim Nabors
Kevin Nealon
Bob Newhart
Super Dave Osborne
Patton Oswalt
Pat Paulson
Emo Philips
Joe Piscopo
Tom Poston
Greg Proops
Richard Pryor
Colin Quinn
Gilda Radner
Harold Ramis
Caroline Rhea
Don Rickles
Joan Rivers

Chris Rock
Ray Romano
Rita Rudner
Mark Russell
Nipsey Russell
Mort Sahl
Adam Sandler
Robert Schimmel
Peter Sellers
Rhonda Shear
Harry Shearer
Pauley Shore
Sarah Silverman
Smothers Brothers
David Spade
Ben Stein
Jon Stewart
Julia Sweeney
Rip Taylor
Judy Tenuta
Christopher Titus
Lily Tomlin
Jerry Van Dyke
Dawn Wells
Harland Williams
Robin Williams
Paul Winchell
Jonathan Winters
Steven Wright
Weird Al Yancovic
Bob Zany

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