JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Revamp May 1987
Kevin Maguire/Terry Austin original artists
Sometimes, on a cover commission, I'm called upon to be a bit more creative than usual. This is a case in point. Mirroring the popular image found on the first issue of 1987's popular JUSTICE LEAGUE relaunch, a customer engaged me to replace the DC Comics' icons with their darker, edgier cousins found over at the Vertigo portion of the DC empire. I wish I had his name somewhere about since he deserves all the credit for devising this clever concept. Stars of such suggested for mature readers titles as PREACHER, HELLBLAZER, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, THE BOOKS OF MAGIC, and SANDMAN stand shoulder to shoulder with such DC Universe émigrés as the Phantom Stranger, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man, and the big galoot who set the creation of this grittier imprint into motion, Swamp Thing (oh, and that's Ambush Bug in the UPC box), forming the fanciful notion, Vertigo League.
I enjoyed the challenge inherent in the assignment, and I wouldn't be showing you the results if I didn't think things had come out nicely. Because, honestly, that's not always what happens. Once, another fella hired me to take Jack Kirby's ETERNALS ANNUAL from the mid-seventies, rename it GRENDELS ANNUAL, and plug in various incarnations of Matt Wagner's creation in place of the King's group. Despite my best intentions, it did not come out well. At all. Maybe I'll show it to you sometime. Right after I post the 279 OTHER cover redos I have on hand first, of course...