John Buscema original artist
Considering that they apparently seem to be demolishing a wall of their posh Manhattan mansion, that's one happy looking bunch of super-heroes!?! Of course, what they're not showing you is poor beleaguered butler Jarvis, standing forlornly in the background, broom and dustpan in hand, thinking to himself "Not the wall again?! Don't they realize sweeping up rubble is bad for my back?!?..." But there's no denying the exuberance of this particular group of Avengers--Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hercules, Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Goliath, and the Wasp, for those of you not in the know--the question is what's the cause of their unusually sunny mood? The prospect of their very first giant-sized edition, perhaps?
After all, just a cursory glance at the bombastic cover blurbs would get most anyone revved up? Or maybe the foreknowledge that, at book's end, they'll not have disposed of the customary single menace but will've wiped the floor with the dirty half-dozen depicted scowling out at the reader on the cover? Reasons to be cheerful, no doubt, but I think it's more likely a third reason that's causing giddiness in this assemblage: John Buscema's now behind the drawing board! Yup, the big guy had only started what was to be a long and fruitful association with the burgeoning Marvel Group a few months earlier, the Avengers being the beneficiaries of some of his initial assignments. So yeah, a talent as big as John Buscema's happens along--hey, I'd break down a brick wall or two for the opportunity to work with the guy myself!!