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All Across The Page Illos are drawn across a 11"x14" piece of two ply plate Bristol, with the artwork--and a pair of characters--running right off of both the left and right sides of the paper.

Commissioning an Across The Page illo:

Choose six to nine characters, two of which will run off either side of the page (your choice, if you're so disposed), at least one of which is hovering in the air throwing a lightning bolt like shadow on the ground (my choice), with a background of cross-hatching. IMPORTANT--the characters are drawn in an even more exaggerated style than my usual (you should pardon the expression) standard approach, so please be aware of that when commissioning one of these pieces. As for the price, it all depends on the number of characters requested and how accessible the necessary reference is. For example, the range might go something like this: for the six original X-Men, $100. For nine members of Youngblood, $150--which would pretty much be the extremes (okay, I'd throw in Magneto too for the hundred clams--it's all very negotiable).So give me an idea what you're looking for and we can take it from there! And as an added bonus, your piece will eventually wind up in the Gallery--wowser!

Currently available Across The Pages illos with prices:

Horror Hosts--$100
Captain Marvel(s)--$100
Warlock and his Cosmic Crew--$100
Ditko's DC and Charlton Characters--$100
Spider-Man vs the Circus of Crime--$100
Dr.Strange and Adam Strange--$100
The Addams Family--$100
Thor and Foes--$100
The Hulk's sixties-era cast--$100
Archie's Riverdale Gang--$100
Go-Go Chicks--$100

We accept Paypal, personal checks, or money orders. Please include an additional $20 per package for postage, handling, and insurance for each domestic order (contact me for overseas shipping costs). My email adress is me a line if you're interested in making a purchase and we'll iron out the details, okay?