June 7, 2004

Today is the 14th birthday of my daughter's good buddy, Lisa. Inasmuch as she's just about the ONLY friend of Julie's who's ever shown even the scantest of interest in the sprawling piles of comics littered throughout the house--personal progeny included--AND she's totally crazy for that new Teen Titans cartoon series, I thought I'd whip up this little illo as a small gift for her. She's been a true pal to our girl, and is a swell kid in her own right--odds are she'll even say "Thank you" before she asks, "What's with these nutty squiggles, anyway?"

Happy birthday, Lisa! And I hope you don't mind me sharing your drawing with folks...

May 20th, 2004

Well, for the full story on just WHO those masked men (and sole woman) are, read the "Fred Sez" entry for May 20th, 2004--and then come back and try explaining it to ME, wouldja?!?...

May 10th, 2004

May 8th, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, this year's top three finishers in the annual Metropolis Marathon! (Conveniently, Superman was away on a top secret mission in deepest of space. To quote police scientist Barry Allen, "Yeah, right...")

May 6th, 2004

...don't ask...

April 30th, 2004
The Ancient One, dreaming of romance with a contemporary...
Fred, hoping for a link from Neilalien...

April 29th, 2004
"Nice outfit you've got there, General..."
"THIS old thing? Just something given me a few years back from...heh... a favorite uncle!..."


April 28th, 2004
Yes, folks, it's America's typical teenagers, looking just a mite ATYPICAL!?!...

April 25th, 2004

"Aw, the heck with it--I'm not gonna worry about the "American Idol" results any more!..."

April 23rd, 2004

"Just call us Dancing American and Cha Cha Boy!..."

April 22nd, 2004
"Wassamatta, Bats? Cats got yer tongue?..."

April 19th, 2004

This wash and line drawing of Abbott and Costello with the Andrew Sisters, based on a still from "Buck Privates", was actually done sometime around 1976, shortly before I developed my far better known cartoony style. I hope you don't mind me rescuing it from an old sketchpad and sharing it with you here!

"Hey Abbott--who drew your head? Rob Liefeld?"
April 18th, 2004
"Electro get shocking news from girlfriend: protection not perfecto when erecto, and now she's

April 17th, 2004

Color me square, daddio!...
April 14th, 2004
"Sigh...If only Inza had your sophisticated fashion sense, Alanna..."

April 12th, 2004

There's just something a little bit FISHY about this group, don'tcha think?...

April 7th, 2004
Please don't read too much into this particular drawing--it's just a RUN-THROUGH!...

April 4, 2004

Wham, bam, thank you, Shazam!!