Star Wars poster 1977
Hildebrandt Brothers original artists
You're looking at a little bit of Hembeck history, folks!

Nope, it's not the first painting I've ever tackled as a Classic Redo. Near as I recall, about twenty years back, I turned the iconic Conan the Barbarian image originally rendered so beautifully with oils by the legendary Frank Frazetta into a line drawing featuring my cartoon alter ego and dubbed it, yes, "Fredzetta". The jokes haven't changed all that much over the years, I'm afraid to say...
This isn't even my first piece of regurgitated artwork originally produced by a pair of brothers. That honor goes to a SILVER SURFER cover based on the work of the Buscemas, John and Sal. Sorry, Tim and Greg--no dubious footnote for you!

So just what significance does this reinterpretation of the original STAR WARS poster art hold yours truly? Well, folks, you're looking at the results of the very first commission received, mere hours after going online January 1st, 2003!! Yeah, I just KNEW you'd be thrilled for me!! It certainly wasn't the easiest way to kick off the new era, but I found it to be an enjoyable challenge, and I'm reasonably pleased with the results. Fact is, I'd welcome another go at a canvas classic, and if anyone out there is willing to pony up the going rate, I'd be more than willing to take a shot at that famous Leonardo DiCaprio masterpiece, "Mona Lisa"!?! (…or was that Nat King Cole?...whatever...) I find that paintings are fun, just so long as there's no actual paint involved!...

As a special treat to all you STAR WARS fans--and I know you're out there--my munificent patron in this instance, John Higashi, has given me permission to not only include his name, but a link over to his specially commissioned gallery of images of inspired by events inspired by George Lucas's most famous flick, and I ain't talking AMERICAN GRAFFITTI, gang!! Click over to John Higashi's shared albums and you'll find my humble little scrawls taking up space amongst scores and scores of STAR WARS illustrations, each one more out of this world than the last!! So go ahead--go! Satisfy your curiosity. Go--and take a Luke!