GREEN LANTERN#20 April 1963
Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson original artists
When Silver Age icons--and fellow Justice Leaguers--Green Lantern and the Flash teamed up for an adventure back in the early sixties, oboy, it was just like Christmas!! I don't mean it was a gift to us readers-- though it was that, too--but Bing Crosby might as well've been crooning carols in your ear when you looked at that cover!! The colors!! Look at the colors! Yup, almost looks as if the holidays are in full swing when you take a good gander at it.
Funny thing is I never realized it until I finally got around to redrawing this much beloved image. Much as I enjoyed revisiting this nostalgic tableau, something seemed missing when I completed my task, and I didn't know what. Then it dawned on me--I had loved seeing GL and the Flash fighting side-by-side when I was a kid (and yeah, still) not because they were such well-paired partners, but because, subliminally, they reminded me of that greatest of all days in a child's life, Christmas! GL is just a bland looking fella in a green and black outfit most of the time, but stand him next to the Flash, and he becomes the Christmas Tree to the Scarlet Speedster's Santa!?! It's enough to make one shout out "Ho ho ho!"-- and never more so than on this emerald saturated cover depicting their second teaming (although for me it was my initial encounter with their working as a duo as I tragically--and yeah, it seemed tragic at the time, believe me-- missed the first uniting of these Schwartz-stable stars in an issue of THE FLASH a few months earlier)..As a bonus, this intriguing Gil Kane depicted situation actually played a pivotal part in the story's plot, not always a guarantee in the DC Comics of that era. Now excuse me, I think I'll go get a bite to eat. I seem to have the strangest craving for a piece of fruitcake?!...