A Fred Hembeck Classic Splash Page Redo!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN#9 (February 1964)

Steve Ditko, original artist

(You may've noted the conspicuous absence of the rather self-congratulatory paragraph in the repro of the original Ditko page above. No, I didn't write that--Stan did. But as I no longer own my original copy of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9, I used the Marvel Masterworks reprinting as my redo source. However, attempting to slide those hardcovers into the scanner is usually an awfully clunky proposition, so instead I used the 80's era MARVEL TALES reprinting. Only, to fit in a rather hefty indicia onto the opening page (whereas the indicia in the original ASM 9 was on the inside front cover), some small portion of art needed to be trimmed, and in this case, Mr. Lee suffered the cut. Too bad--I was always a sucker for Stan's charming self-promotion,,,)